Beware of Plastic person...

I'm not talking about this particular plastic.

I'm talking about plastic person. That person who look nice in the outside but bad in the inside. Woa I thought that plastic only exists on movie. I am so wrong o.O. They exist. Even in this real life.

Plastic always look innocent. Trying to gain sympathy with their sad story. Trying to make story that she is innocent and trying to be humble.

Well plastic seems to deceive people to gain attention. Guys always been deceive by them. Maybe by their act trying to be cute and weak.

Plastic is hard to detect therefore.. People.. Beware of plastic. Never listen to girls who trying to look weak. Girls are not weak!!! Plastic is pretending to be weak and pathetic.

Therefore Plastic get away from my life. I don't want to be in same level with you being pathetic when you try to mess up my life.

That's all. Have a nice day.. >.<



Zazachan said…
wooaa??!!..apa yang telah terjadi?
kei said…
@ cik zaza : ala yg pasal aq cer hari 2.. plastik pasang spy kat fb aq... @____@

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