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Foodies : Spicy Chicken Ramen (Samyang)

This time is the review of Samyang Spicy Chicken Ramen. This is the ramen that people keeps using as Spicy Ramen Challenge. So this is the original flavour and it have many variety that I will show later on. 
Can I just say that I love the packaging wise of this ramen? It even provided this small hole that is useful when you draining the water. This ramen have 425 cal. 

So this ramen it have 3 types of packaging. First is in the pack. It sold in 5 packets in a pack. The price is around RM22++.
Another one is this one, in the big bowl the price is around RM7-8. 

Last one in this small cup that is around RM5-6. 

So this ramen have provided the source and the sprinkle. I think it is seaweed. 

So first you need to immerse in the boiling water for 4 minutes. (It even have inner rim to indicate how much water you need.) Then poke a hole at the line and close the lid and drain the water. 

So this is the source looks like. Pour the source and mix it all up. 

Then add seaweed on top as decora…

Makeup Review : Mask Powder (eosungcho)

I got this mask powder the other day. This is the first time hearing about this brand. 

This mask have 2 ways to be applied.  1. To applied with toner and leave it at face for 15 - 20 minutes  2. For relieve acne by applied at the affected area and leave it overnight. 
So I mix this mask with my Za toner (this is my currently used toner). I mix it up until it have become a paste. While using this mask I smell a strong herbal smell. Well it does claim that this product is 100% natural. 
After using it, it doesn't irritate my face. It leave my face refresh and moisturize. Don't you like the feeling of clean face after using a mask? I do.. It make my face feels clean and oil free. 
For one time usage it doesn't leave any significant different to my face. But I love how it make my face feels fresh. If I found this product again, I probably buy it. :D
Pros: - make my face feels clean and refresh - 100% natural
Cons: - strong herbal smell
Repurchase? - Yes if I found it.
So hav…

Makeup Review : Drawing Eye Brow (Etude House)

I rarely use or bought eyebrow, however I got this for free and I started using it. So this is shade #3.

So this pencil have a lot of shade. Last time I count it have 7 shade. Mine is dark brown shade. It is interesting seeing an eyebrow that have a lot of shade that suitable for everyone. 
They said : This is a pencil type eyebrow that fills in between brow hair How to apply 1. Fill in between hairs with wider surface
2. Draw brow line and delicate edges with slimmer surface. Source : Etude House

So this eyebrow pencil have 2 ended point. One is the liner and another is the brush. It is handy as it have the brush embedded into the pencil. 

So this syebrow pencil have this triangle shape. I guess it is make it easier to make an arch. So this one have a dark brown shade. Suitable for me. 
So this eyebrow pencil is nice and it last a long time. Overall, I love this one as it have brush. 
Pros: - embedded with brush - variety of shade - last a long time
Cons: - none
Repurchase? - Probab…

Hair Review : Hair Dye Raspberry Pink (Beautylabo)

My first time buying a hair dye.. I bought this Beatylabo as it have discounted price. RM14.00.. Cheap right LOL.. 

So this Beautylabo have 6 shade and I bought the Raspberry Pink one. It have a nice red colour. 

They said : Easy & Quick Application
With the fine non-drip cream, application is easy and quick. Simply apply with hands.
Perfect Coloring Results
Even & long-lasting color from roots to ends with moisturizing coconut & almond oil. Source : Beautylabo

So this kit contains the bottle with solution no 2 and a sachet of solution 1, a pair of glove and the nozzle for application. Oh yea the manual. 
So the manual stated that we need to have this allergy test 24 hours before using this product.

So this the mix for the allergy test. At first the mix become dark purple colour than the next morning the colour started to darken become dark red. 

So this is the time to use this. First wear old tshirt that you don't mind getting stain on. Then wear the glove. Then I mi…

Makeup Review : Play 101 Pencil - 16 (Etude House)

I bought this pencil for a lip liner.. 

They said: - Simply full makeup: Various pencils which could be used for eyues, lips, cheeks, etc.
- Rich color with a single drawing: Rich and pigmented colors that do not need layering over and over.
- 5 various textures: Creamy, matte, glossy, shimmering, and glitter types available. Pick your favorite texture and experience the easy and fast makeup
- Long lasting waterproof function: Made of 'highly functional waterproof polymer'* for long-lasting makeup.
(*'Highly functional waterproof polymer' is NOT applied to some of glossy type items)  - Creamy: Soft drawing texture with rich colors.
- Matte: Soft drawing but powdery finishing. Recommend to use as eyebrow, eyeshadow, concealer, and base.
- Glossy: Moist texture that can simply fill up crease. Recommend to use as blusher and lips.
- Shimmering: Delicate glittering color for urbane look.
- Glitter: Glittering texture for dramatic and fancy makeup. Source : etudehouse

The …

Contact Lens Review : Renu Sensitive Multi-purpose Solution (Bausch & Lomb)

I have bought this renu for sensitive eyes. It is really nice. 
They said : Key Features & Benefits
- Original, gentle formula
- Gently cleans, rinses, disinfects, and stores your soft contact lenses
- Removes dirt and debris that deposits on your lenses
- Effectively kills micro-organisms (germs) on your lenses
- Carton and bottle are 100% recyclable Source : Bausch & Lomb
This multi purpose solution is more expensive than the normal multi purpose solution. This solution is comfortable and doesn't sting my eyes much compare to the normal ones. 
Overall, I love this solution and probably buy more.
Pros: - comfortable - doesn't sting my eyes
Cons: - expensive
Repurchase? - Yes!

Contact Lens Review : Alluring Eyes 1 Day - Magnetic Grey (Freshkon)

I bought this one day contact lens from Alluring Eyes series

They say: Brilliantly conceptualized, beautifully designed Alluring Eyes cosmetic contact lenses are the easiest route to bigger, brighter eyes in an instant. Enhanced your natural beauty and confidence with FreshKon® Alluring Eyes. Source : Freshkon

The price is around RM 68 or something for one box. This series have three colours that are Mystical Black, Winsome Brown and Magnetic Grey. I got the Magnetic Grey.
UPDATE : There are new range Majestic Brown it is deeper brown color

Each box contains 5 pairs. 

This lens have 14.2mm diameter and 8.5mm base curve. Overall this lens is suitable for my eyes. It does not make my eyes drying or move around. It have dark outer rims for making the eyes bigger

So this color does not make a huge different to my eyes. It looks the same with my eyes just bigger and brighter. In terms of color this lens is suitable when I have some formal event to attend and this color is not suitable whe…

Makeup Review : Detergent Cleaning for Markup Puff and Sponge [Daiso]

This is one of the best product from Daiso. This is the makeup sponge cleaner. With the price RM5 (exclude GST) it is really cheap!!

Product Description:

Makeup brushes harbor plenty of bacteria from product residue, skin oils, dust, and old, oxidized colors.

Imagine all that bacteria vacationing in the deep, dark ravines of the bristles, waiting to contaminate your skin!

It is therefore a good habit to deep clean your brushes regularly.

Detergent for markup puff and sponge, after use it, the puff and sponge will become very clean, just like a new one. How to use:Apply an appropriate amount of this product, wash by hand and rinse through under running water.

This sponge makeup cleaner really works. It managed to clean the sponge really well. Compare when cleaning with the normal detergent this detergent managed to clean off most of the gunk.

Overall, I love this product and recommended. Love it!

- clean the makeup sponge really well - cheap
Cons: - None
Repurchase? - Yes!! …

Makeup Review : Tea Tree Oil (Aiken)

This is an oil that need to be applied externally at acne..

They said : "Use at the first sign of blemishes. Tea Tree Oil helps protect skin naturally without the flaking of skin. It is effective and gentle enough for use on all skin types.
Directions :
- Dab oil on finger and apply directly onto blemishes and affected areas or wherever skin is prone to breaking out.
- Also suitable for use on cuts, wounds, minor burns and insect bites. "
This is the old packaging and right now the have a new packaging and better formula. 

The price is around RM14++. Pricey for the small bottle. 

So this bottle is only 10ml but is can be used for a long time. This product have a really strong herbal smells. 
I never expected that this product is really works. It managed to calms my acne and the acne scar. It even lightens the blemishes. Eventhough the smell is really strong but I like how it treat my acne. 
Overall, I love this products and this is my second bottle. I really recommended this prod…


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