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Contact Lens Review : 1 Day Colours Fusion - Sparkles Series - Blushing Violet (Freshkon)

So I bought this one day contact lens from Freshkon.  So this is the sparklers series. This version have three colours that are Blushing Violet, Shimmering Grey and Brilliant Brown. So I get myself the Blushing Violet. 

They say: All eyes will be on yours when you dazzle and sparkle with FreshKon® Colors Fusion Cosmetic Contact Lenses. The NEW Blushing Violet makes its debut together with the popular Brilliant Brown and Shimmering Grey in the ultra-convenient 1-DAY range. Step up your style, take the spotlight. Style up with FreshKon® Colors Fusion! Source : Freshkon
The price is around RM60 something I don't really remember LOL.. But the price is kinda the same with the monthly one. 

So this is the box. This is the old packaging. The box consists 10 pieces, so 5 pairs. It also have 30 pieces around 15 pairs. 

It have the same sparklers design. It have black outer rims. 

In comparison with the blooming pink, blushing violet is more darker, The front view is more brightly colored …

Makeup Review : Baby Lips Love Color Bright Out Loud! (Maybelline)

Maybelline have this cute lip balm. This range have a bright neon color.

They said : Serious care goes bright! At last,a punch of moisture with a loud pop of color.  What it is?
A lipbalm with a bright pop of color to keep your lips looking soft and supple all day long.  Benefits:
- Infused with bright pigments for a bright pop of lively color

- Infused with Vitamic E, Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter for continuous moisture & supple smooth lips all day Source : Maybelline
In Malaysia it have three ranges of colours Striking Orange, Wild Cherry and Vivid Peach. 

Mine is Striking Orange, however mine have orange bottle and font. Different from the above picture.
The price is RM10.45 each.

This lip balm have striking packaging. I really love it. I didn't expect that the color would be pigmented and striking. It really is neon color. Even when I applied it on my lips the color still pigmented. It give my lips healthy glow and it is moisturize. Overall, I love this lip balm and I just …

Makeup Review : Perfect UV Protector Hydro Fresh SPF50+ PA++++ (Shiseido)

I received this sample from Shiseido. Thank you Shiseido. So in this sample I have received three types of sunblock of this range. 

They said :  - They protection veil gets even stronger when you sweat or get wet
- Optimal sun protection from any angle of UV Rays
- Lightweight texture
- Non-sticky feeling
- Hydrating-dewy finish
- Cooling sensation The difference between the normal wet force Perfect UV Protector Wet Force Review is the normal one have a matte finish and this one have a dewy finish. 

So this sunblock is in beige colour that will blend in with the skin. 

Another one is sunblock in white colour. 

After blended the color fade and doesn't leave oily residue. 
So overall, this sunblock is actually quite good. I used it when I was on the beach, and the results is my skin still the same and with no sunburn. It is satisfied using this sunblock when I went to the beach or doing outdoor activities. Besides that I also used this sunblock as a makeup base. This sunblock does not m…

Foodies : Shinsegae Daebak Spicy Fried Chicken (Mamee)

Mamee have launched new products Shinsegae Daebak. 

So this product line have two types, the fried one and the soup based one. The fried one is the fried chicken flavour and the soup one is kimchi flavour. 
This product have two packaging. One is in the packs RM24++ for a 4 packs. Honestly when I heard that Malaysia would have their own Korean ramen , I thought it will be less expensive than the imported one but the price is kinda the same with the imported one. Well if I'm gonna buy this Korean ramen, I would get the imported one if the price is the same. *shrugs*

So anyway the second packaging is in the bowl type price around RM5++. 

So in the packaging. The noodles is a bit thick compare to typical Mamee noodles however it is less thick than Samyang version. 

The sauce looks more red compare to the Samyang that looks very dark red in colour. It also provide some crackers that give the 'kriuk-kriuk' experience. 

So in the packaging it stated to cook the noodles in boili…

Foodies : Extreme Hot Chicken (Samyang)

So this one is the samyang ramen that two times spicier than the original version.  This ramen have two packaging. One in bowl around Rm7++ and in packs of 4 or 5( I don't remember) around RM24++.

You can see it stated 2x spicy. The packaging color is similar with the original ones. 

So this is stir fried noodle so you need to drain the water after the noodles have been cooked and soften. 

This ramen have the same ingredients with the original ones. Even the noodles is the same. However you can see the sauce is much more darker.. Scary.. :(

So mix all the ingredients. So what I think about this noodles. At first you can't notice any different with the noodles. It doesn't feels any spiciness but after few minutes you started to taste the burns. It really spicy much more than I can handle. I can only managed to have a few bites before decided to pass to another person to finish it. 
This ramen is really twice the spiciness than the original ones. I will never ate this ramen…

Foodies : HOT Chicken Flavor Ramen Carbonara (Samyang)

I'm late in this post but better late than never. This is suppose the limited edition Samyang variety, with a creamy and spicy noodle.

So this ramen have two pack, the bowl types and the plastic one. 
RM24++ for 4 packs (I think)

So anyway I got myself the bowl type. Easier and cheaper. 

First you need to use boiling water and pour into the bowl and let it sits for 5 minutes or something. Then drain the water by poking the hole on top of the container. 

Then pour the sauce and the cheese powder. It is so cute with the pink and white packaging LOL.. 

So the sauce looks kinda the same with the original one. The cheese powder looks like it have some green flacks in it. 

So mix both the packet into the ramen. If you notice that, the ramen have kinda spaghetti shape unlike the normal round ramen, It even thicker  than the normal ramen. 
So anyway, by far this is my favourite ramen noodle. It is not spicy compare to the original samyang. It is so creamy and kinda have spicy kicks …

Makeup Review : Instant Lipstick Mattifier (Catrice)

I found this product the other day. The price is kinda cheap. Around RM10++ with discounted price. Anyway, with the new matte lipstick trends, most of my lipstick kinda out of trends. I have a lot of glossy lipstick and even lip gloss. So I'm thinking that using this product it could make my lipstick matte a bit. 

They said :
Matt Miracle. The Instant Lipstick Mattifier provides lipstick with a velvety-matt finish in a flash. The light, gel-like texture extends the durability of lipstick without changing its colour. The practical glass tub with a matt lid represents a premium packaging – even when the product ends up in the handbag for use “on the go”.  Beauty Tip
Apply lipstick as usual and allow to dry. Next, dab the texture on top of the lipstick with the tips of your fingers. For a particularly gorgeous look, combine matt lips with matching matt fingernails.
Source : Catrice

So this product is from Catrice and it is in this glass case. It even have matte finish on the cap. It…

Makeup Review : Facial Mask (Watson) - Cucumber, Aloe Vera and Lycopene Juice Extract

I just love using face mask. It make my skin more moisturize and using aloe vera one just sooth my sunburn. Anyway, I just saw this cute face mask from Watson I just need to get it. So it have a lot of variety and I pick three cucumber, aloe vera and lycopene. 

It is interesting the mask is accompanied with the plastic face that suppose to make it moist and without drying. 
Refreshing & Moisturising Facial Mask with Cucumber Extract

They said: The mask is specially formulated with Cucumber Extract and Hydrolysed Proteins which help invigorate and replenish skin nutrients. The delicately made mask helps refresh and make your skin more supple.
Radiant & Moisturising Facial Mask with Aloe Vera juice
They said :
The mask is specially formulated with Aloe Vera Juice and Vitamin C to naturally brighten up and moisturise your skin. The delicately made mask helps nuture fairer and more radiant skin.  Energising & Moisturising Facial Mask with Lycopene Extract

They said :
The mask …


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