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This is the time for new mascara!!! Yay.. Mascara is the items that need to used within 3 months (source). So I usually use it a lot and everyday so that it finish quickly, rather than throwing it away when it still have a lot of product. Waste of money!!
Anyway, after browsing here and there I finally decided to try Za's mascara. It even have free gift, mascara curler!! I love free gift LOL. The price is RM36. 

Instantly achieves Super curl & Volume lashes !
Liquid Absorption up to 170%.
Ultra Volume Brush
Big brush with great amount of mascara liquid instantly creates long-lasting, separated and upward volume lashes without clumps.
Volume Curl Formula
Gives your lashes long-lasting volume & curl.
Source : Za

So this is the box of the mascara. I just love Za's box. It kinda looks sporty LOL.

It have a nice pink-black colour. The brush is kinda big. The product really does as it stated. It really curled and volumizing my lashes. However it still clumps sometimes. The formul…

Makeup Review : Tinted Lipbalm (LipIce)

Recently I have been a lip balm addict. Suddenly I want to try all kinds of lip balms. So this time I bought LipIce Tinted Lipbalm. I picked the most pigmented one. The price RM11.50

Revitalise those dull lips!
Lipice Tinted Lipbalm gives you a hint of color to enhance your natural lip color while providing long lasting moisture for velvety soft, smooth lips. Get full and vivacious lips the fun way with natural hues of pink and red that infuses with yummy fruity flavours. With just a smooth glide, your lips revitalises with a burst of moisture and natural lip colour while you enjoy the fruity flavour that stays on your lips.
Intense Hydration - Contain Hyaluronic Acid to lock-up and provide long-lasting moisture
Firming - Collagen helps to improve lips texture and elasticity
Anti-Oxidant - Vitamin E to repair dry lips, keeping them smooth and healthy
UV Protection - SPF 15 to protect from harmful UV rays
Source : LipIce Malaysia
It have three types: -WIld Berry - Rasberry - Strawberr…

Makeup Review : Proof 10 Eye Primer (Etude House)

I bough this gel liner that doesn't work. So I bought this eye primer hoping that it can make my eye liner last longer. I bought it at Etude House with the price RM35.90

Proof 10 Eye Primer supplies coverage to eyelids and around the eyes to enhance eye shadow color and intergrity for a longer lasting, Perfect 10 look.
Source : Etude House

The eye primer is packed in the box. 

The eye primer is in the liquid form and it have wand applicator. It have brownish colour and after blended the colour have blended with the skin. I used it on the eyeshadow, it doesn't really make any differences, maybe because of the eyeshadow colour. However the lasting is really great!! It make my gel liner to lasts really long. Even with my oily lids it managed to last long. :D I think I have found my favourite eye primer!!!

It cute how Etude House design most of their products with the same design. It look the same and have the same height as the liquid liner. Click here for review. 


Makeup Review : Facial Foam Deep Detoxify (Biore)

I bought this after finishing facial foam pore & oil clear. Biore always have great and affordable cleanser.  The price RM13++.

Bioré Facial Foam Deep Detoxify is formulated with Bamboo Charcoal to absorb excess oil, and Double Scrub beads, to flush away dirt and dead skin cells deep within the pores. It also works on blackheads and blemishes, leaving skin healthier, and looking brighter!
Source : Kao

It have this black texture. It kinda have this small micro beads. I love this cleanser as it make my face feels fresh and oil free. As for blackheads and blemishes, I still have blackheads but it reduce my blemishes. 
Overall, I love this cleanser!!
Pros: - affordable - make my face fresh and oil free - reduce blemishes
Cons: - none!
Repurchase? - yes!



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