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Makeup Review : Defined Liquid Eyeliner (Cyber Colours)

I bought this liquid eyeliner at SaSa. This is my first liquid eyeliner. I bought #01 Black.with the price  RM23.90.

Honestly, this liquid eyeliner is not my favourite. It have great tip that kinda like a pen. It is hard and easy to line. However when I first apply the eyeliner it will have a really black colour. Then after a few seconds the colour started to fade. As the picture above the line number show that which one is the first one I apply. The number 1 is more faded than others as it the first one I line. The number 3 is the latest line.
Another thing is it kinda hard to remove the makeup. When I use the makeup remover it leave blue marks. It really looks like I use pen as eyeliner. Even when I rub using the makeup remover many times, the line is still there. 
Overall, this liquid eyeliner is not my favourite.
Pros: - have decent price - easy to line
Cons: - the colour faded in few seconds - hard to remove. Even when I use eye makeup remover.
Repurchase? - No. ~Kei~

Makeup Review : Eye Primer (Elianto)

elianto Eye Primer enhances the performance of your eyeshadow.Its blend of emolient oils and waxes allows easy layering and blending for results that stay fresh for hours.With skin-softening aloe vera extract and anti-oxidant vitamin E.
Usage : Apply thin layes of cream onto eyelid and blend evenly.
Source: elianto

I bought it RM20++ now the price is  RM 25.90. 

So above picture is the swatch. Before using the eye primer, the eye shadow colour is kinda dull. With eye primer as the base the colour become more bright as in the picture it becoming more red. 
The eye primer has a great way to make the colour more pops up. However, the eye primer doesn't work for me. It doesn't make my eye makeup to stay put all day. I have an oily eyelids. So after few hours, my eyeshadow will be melted. It may works for people have normal eyelids but it just won't work for me. 
Pros: - make the eyeshadow colour pops up.
Cons: - it doesn't work for me (oily eyelids)
Repurchase? - No


Makeup Review : Omega Day Shield SPF 50++ - Skin Colour (Nano White)

I haven't found any information online so this is short description on what this is. This is the sunblock from nano white. This sunblock is skin colour type. It have SPF 50 ++.

Below is the swatch on the sunblock. It kinda greasy at first but when it settle in, it kinda blend in with the skin. Someone give this to me. So I use it once then decided to use other products just because I have others to use. So I can't review is it good or not. But from the swatch it doesn't greasy and sunblock doesn't have changes that we can see in short times. 

Overall it is okay I guess. I don't remember the price. 
Pros: - non greasy
Cons : - None (I think)
Omega Day Shield SPF 50 ++ Skin Colour - click here Omega Day Shield SPF 50 ++ - click here



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