Hating is a strong word

Who are we to judge people?
Who are we to hate people?
We just are normal people.. Normal people are not perfect...
We are not perfect.. Then knowing that why we still judging people?
Saying "I hate you" is overrated.. If you really hate someone.. You just tend to ignore them.. You not going around telling people you hate them.. Is that even hate? You saying you hate them but you stalking them.. Know what they up to.. That is not hate.. Ask yourself did you really hate them???

Hating is like just cut them off from your life.. Ignoring and just move on with your life.. That is hating.. But hating is such as strong words.. Are you perfect enough to hate people?? Don't you ever think that.. You hate someone but that does not mean no one hate you.. Are you good enough that you are sure all people like you??? It impossible... No one is perfect..

Stop saying you hate someone when yourself is not perfect.. Hating is like a poison and you only hurt yourself..

**end of ranting xP



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