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Makeup Review :White Superfresh Two Way Cake Powder (Maybelline)

In this review I'm gonna talk about the two way cake powder in Superfresh line. The price RM 24.75.

WHAT IT IS The first 12-hour UV Whitening Two-Way Cake is now back with anti-oxidizing silver pearls and Vitamin C to give you a brighter and more radiant complexion all day long!   BENEFITS
Say goodbye to cracked, dull and grey skin with the NEW White Superfresh Two-Way Cake Powder!
- Silver Pearls for natural radiance
- 12 hours of long-lasting lustre and brightness
- Vitamin C for whitening benefits
Source : Maybelline  

I love this design. It have this sleek and elegant design. This line also have a refill. The refill only cost RM1X.00. The price is really affordable. xD

Even this is two way cake powder but I don't think the powder can be used with wet sponge. The coverage is average. I don't have enough coverage if I used it alone. I usually use it  as a touch up or use it on top of foundation. 
Well this powder is not suitable for me (oily skin) as the makeup will dis…


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