Life is not a fairytale

Life is harsh.. It will never be good as fairytale... There will be no prince charming with a white horse will coming to rescue you.. How i wish there are.. Found Mr.Perfect and falling in love seems very easy.. You just know he is the one.. There will be no heartbroken or getting hurt... Not going to be afraid that they will change heart.. He/She be yours forever...

I know that.. Life will never be like a fairytale.. But why I keep on hoping on that false hope.. Why I keep hoping everything will be back like it used to be.. Everything about you become fuzzy somehow.. I forgot how you sound like.. Sometimes I even forgot how you look like.. Did I holding on to something that is not there anymore??

Will you remember that day?? Do you still remember me?? Do you misses me like I do? What going to happen? This questions keeps lingering in my mind... I keep thinking what I'm doing at this moment one year back.. Your face keeps pooping up like a player.. Since when you started invading my world??

I am not me anymore.. I keep trying to find my old self.. Looking at the mirror I barely know that girl.. Where is that optimistic girl that I know once upon time.. I miss her.. I guess my friend also misses her.. How hard I try to be her it seems impossible.. I'm just a copycat.. She is gone.. Lost at the very moment I set my eyes on you.. I become pathetic...



Zazachan said…
how pathetic u are u still my best friend, u're still my sis..even though the old u can't back, i'll always be there for's not the old u or the new u i'm friend with, it's u the one who i knew two years ago..
u're not a copycat, u just tried to find something new but at the same time u found that the new u is not really u.
kei said…
@ cik zaza : :) less three... thanks xD

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