Don't judge people without knowing the whole story

I'm going to re-write this topic. Such an emo entry does not suit me.

Why is it people tends to judge people? Is it human being characteristic? Trying to show off their concern but does not tends to listen to whole story, both side story.

At the first place, who are you to judge people? Are you that perfect to judge people? Maybe you will say "I'm concern with people near me". If you said "you are concern" but do you really concern with people near you when you only listen to one sided story only.

It just plain silly when you just judge people by that one sided story. I'm just pity with people like this. Because of your self judging you just lost people who actually sincere to you and you just miss out the truth.
"We are not perfect. Who are we to judge people?"
That is not even your life. At least before you start judging people listen the whole story first and then how about you help them. Ignoring it just plain stupid and useless. What the point you fussing about other peoples matter and ignoring it. That is not concern. That is called Busy-body.

p/s: To that person. I really do sincere on becoming your friend but if you really want to believe to that one sided story. It up to you.



Zazachan said…
tak habis lg?sabar2..
kei said…
@ cik zaza : x lah entry sebelum ni macam emo sangat.. Topik dah menarik tapi macam emo sangat.. Tue yang buat balik huhu =__=;

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