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Makeup Review : True White Exfoliating Clay (Za)

A whitening clay mask that instantly exfoliates excess surface cells for translucent skin.
How to
After wash and dry your face, take some clay mask and spread it over face, avoiding the area around eyes and mouth. Gently massage face using small circular motion for about 1 minute. Rinse thoroughly with cool or lukewarm water.
Source : Za cosmetics

I always wanted to try Za's mask. So when there are discounted price I just can't resist!! The original price is RM26.90.

This mask have thick consistency with beads inside it that will exfoliating the face. When I use it, it really make my face feels fresh and remove all excess oil. I have an oily skin so it really suitable for my face. However, I notice that I started to get pimple, maybe because of this product or because of other products. But my gut feelings saying because of this product :P. Maybe I'm allergic with the ingrediants. 

I just noticed it have a big tube opening LOL
Anyway, aside of the pimple, I really love ho…

Makeup Review : Heroine Make Lasting Mineral BB Cream (Kiss Me)

I have used this couple of months already and this is the time for a review yay!!! This is the BB Cream from Kiss Me. I'm attracted with the design LOL. 

This BB Cream only have two shade and I got myself #2 with the price RM49.90 but I bought it at discounted price around RM25 or something. Hurray for sale xD. The only downside of having Japanese product is having limited shade. :(

So this product is in the squeeze tube and the opening is not that big and it doesn't spill. Its handy for travelling. The shade is alright for me. It blended really well and it have thick texture. When apply it managed to cover most of my uneven skin.
At first I really love it as it last long for almost 6 hours. It managed to survive for all the humidity and sweat. However recently I have used this Primer from Revlon and this BB Cream started to crack. I don't know how to explain it, but you know when you apply too much foundation and keeps layering the product on your face, the product start…


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