A letter to my younger self

Dear my younger self,

I think I know you very well but do I really know you??? I love the facts that you care less about what happening in the world and just be plain you... Innocent and honest as you can be...

I don't know what I going to write to you.. I just want you to be just yourself.. Even someone critise you just ignore them. I know you adore your brothers that is why you becoming boyish and just love wearing you're brothers' clothes... You act like a boy is one way of saying you are a fighter... Keep at it.. Just ignore when people want you to change.. You will change someday at your own will...

I know you have many dreams and as childish your dreams may sound don't give up.. Try your best to achieve them.. One day you will make a very hard decision that concern on your dreams and whatever you decide just stick to it and never look back.. You know that you already make a good decision... You just need to make the best out of it..

When someday you get hurt just remember that you are not alone.. You still have many people that love you.... That day will be over even it seems impossible and tomorrow seems never come but believe me when I said "Tomorrow will come and you can make it better than today"

This harsh world seems unfitting for you.. Don't hate the world, all the bad memories is what make you stronger..Therefore don't be afraid to face the world and whatever happen just keep on your innocent and positive attitude..

In life you will have a lot of encounters and separations.. Just brace yourself.. Don't be sad of separation, they will live forever in your heart..

Whatever happen in the future just be happy and be yourself... Who else gonna appreciate yourself other than you...

That all I think.. I'm looking forward to see you in the future....

Me at the age 21

*blogwalking today and found the amazing blog xD
credits to the owner for giving me idea on making this post :3
your words inspire me xD


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