No one is perfect

No one is perfect. I keep telling myself that. Then why sometimes I just have that moments? Yes I appreciate all my friends. Yup I do. Sometimes.. Just sometimes some of their characteristics just annoy me. I try all my best to throw away that feelings. I'm being a hypocrite. It annoy me but I'm not that perfect. No one do. Everyone have some annoying characteristic.

What I should I do when sometimes they annoy me? Tell straight to their face? That sound harsh and I guess I'm being an idiot. Only me who thinking like that and I know actually that is not their fault. They are sincere but still it bother me. Meh human being is such complicated and selfish person =.=;

I guess what I should do when thing becoming like that is ignoring them. Not totally ignoring them. Just overlook that thing and have some time alone to calming me down. That what I always do anyway. I appreciate our friendship. I do. Because I value our friendship I rather keep it to myself. I don't want to tarnish our friendship because of me being stupid and selfish. You are only being yourself that all.

Sorry for being stupid. I love being your friend. :3

I always think that there will be a moment that even best friends argue but that way they will be closer because they will appreciate their friendship more. :D



akoo said…
hehe chill k..
bese lah tu..kalo dah ngadap muke die stiap hari, mmg la slalu ade tak puas ati.
Unknown said…
like the last sentence. argument makes us closer. xD

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