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Makeup Review : Dear Darling Tint (Etude House)

Dear Darling Tint Review. I bought this one around RM25 .. Haha I forgot the price xP

It have 4 different shade. From the left is 
#1 Berry Red #2 Real Red #3 Orange Red #4 Vampire Red
Actually I want to get the vampire red because of there are no English shade name aside number at the label, I accidentally bought #2 Real Red. As I swatch among three (yes I only see 3 shade at that times. It confusing with many people and light LOL) this one is the most pigmented haha.. 

It have the same princess like clear tube like other dear darling series. I love the spoon tip, it really easy to apply. The texture is more gel like texture. As the swatch there it it is pigmented and really look very red haha. From other review that I read, Berry Red have more pinks shade, Orange Red have orange shade, Vampire Red more darker red and Real red is pure red. 

My review. When I wear alone, this product look real pigmented on my lips. However after an hour or so the colour started to fade. I have sort o…

Makeup Review : Dear Darling Neon Tint (Etude House)

This review is the Dear Darling Neon Tint. At first I was attracted with the purple colour. From a far I was like "Waa purple lip tint?" I actually buy it because it have different colour and I'm tired with the pink colour haha XD

Start with the left one.  #1 Neon Orange  #2 Neon Pink #3 Neon Magenta
This neon series have 3 different colour. So I buy the #3 Neon Magenta. 
This product have a clear tube like Enamel Gloss (Review). It have the same princess like design that look fancy and cute. The price is around RM25. I don't really remember the price and I already throw away the receipt =.=;

It have the same spoon tip. It have a more milky texture different than Dear Darling Tint that have more clear texture. The swatch show a bit purple/ red colour. After wearing it, it doesn't really show a purple colour. It is more to dark red when apply to lips. I'm not really fair so it doesn't really show the colour on my lips. It just show a bit red on my lips. I…

Makeup Review : Dear My Enamel Gloss (Etude House)

Right now I'm in the frenzy of having lip gloss. Last time I go to Etude House and my first time being there was really interesting. It have many lip gloss and lip tint. With the sale going on I have bought a lot of lip gloss. Anyway I'm gonna review the lipgloss that I bought and used. The first one is the enemal gloss. The price is RM39.90. This one is actually cheaper than what I expect it to be.
It have a clear tube. So I can see how much product that I still have and what is the product's colour. It have a really princess like design and it really cute. I love the design. :3

Two in one – highly pigmented with enamel shine lip gloss
• Rich color of the lipstick and enamel shine of the lip gloss – two in one!
• Long lasting enamel shine and moist on your lips - Fits on your lips with light and comfortable texture while creating a moisture sealing film - Natural moisturizer of rose oil and honey extract
• Delicate spoon tip - Delicate spoon tip to define your lip lines …

Makeup Review : Power Volumising Waterproof Mascara (Elianto)

My latest mascara. I bought at Elianto because it is on discount and I really need a new mascara. The price for this mascara is RM33.00 Source : click here
elianto Power Volumising Mascara promises hours of definition and volume without fading, and provides extreme waterproof performance to resist humidity and moisture.Dress your lashes with intense colour and wear with its advanced coated pigments, formulated with synthetic and natural waxes for smooth, buildable application.
Usage : Apply two coats to curled lashes, from the roof of lashes to the tips.

I didn't like this mascara's brush. I like the comb like brush more. My review? This mascara did show some volume to my lashes but it didn't have any different with other mascara that I used before. It does clumping when I started to use more than 1 coat. Maybe the way I use the mascara is wrong but still it will be fine if I use one coat. This mascara as stated is really a waterproof mascara. Sometimes (Not alw…

Makeup Review : Mildly Illumination Powder (Victoria Jackson)

The other day, when I conveniently just got money from my hard earned money, I pass on this makeup stall at supermarket. Suddenly the salesgirl say something about this new brand that I never heard of and at the end of the day I actually buy this powder. I doesn't know why I buy it, the salesgirl is pushy and say this will last long etc etc. Anyway, I buy this foundation powder set + extra refill for RM189.00. Almost RM200.00 o.O . So is this powder is good as they claim to be?

The case look expensive. The sponge is good and it glide easily. The refill box also contained the sponge so it is advisable to change the sponge each time use the new refill. 
When I use this after using BB Cream, this powder sets the BB Cream nicely and it doesn't make my face look using to much powder. It doesn't last very long. I need to retouch after midday. When using this powder alone (without BB Cream) the powder did cover my redness but not all the black spot. The powder also even my skin …

Makeup Review : Mattifying Two Way Cake (Elianto)

I went to Elianto the other day. My mission is to get a lipstick for my mother. It have a combo promotion that 3 stuff for RM49 include the lipstick. It is a great deal and I bought it. The combo include the compact powder. I'm more two way face cake kinda girl so I get the two way face cake. 

Anyway the combo also include the casing. Above is the casing. the price is RM19 source : elianto. My first impression on the case. Cute!! It have the white pink theme. It looks nice and compact haha. I love that it have a sponge partition that separate the sponge and the powder. It also include the sponge , refer picture below. Usually I get the sponge with the powder refill and in my case the sponge is with the powder case. Seems like if I repurchase the refill I'll not get the sponge. Anyway the sponge is not really good. When I wet it and use it in my face I can feel that the sponge doesn't glide very smoothly. I prefer the sponge I get when I buy the powder refill from Za.

So t…


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