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Makeup Review : Anti-Blemish Smooth Facial Foam (Biore)

Clears blemishes and blackheads. It contains micro crushable beads that effectively remove blemishes and blackheads for smooth & bright skin. Its antibacterial formula helps to eliminate acne-causing bacteria. Enriched with Deep Sea Mineral to nourish your skin.
Source: Kao
This is the anti-blemish facial foam.  I bought it around RM15++? Eh wait this is free gift when I bought other Biore products.

LOL this picture was taken when this product is almost out.

So this is the texture of the products. I cut out the remaining tube and taken out this much when I thought this product have finish. Seriously try to cut out the tube before dispose it. You will be shocked how much product still in there!!
This product have a small micro beads that I really love. It make my face feels fresh and oil free.

So this is for blemish prone skin. It say that it will clear and refreshed the skin. Well my skin feels refreshed each time I use it. I love it :D
Pros: - cheap - make my face feels ref…

Makeup Review : Perfect Cleansing Water (Biore)

I almost forget about this LOL. I get this sample the other day. This is makeup remover that acts like a toner and do not need rinsing. I love this kind makeup remover. It handy and suitable for correcting makeup mistake. 

Just like Miracle Cleansing Water! Revitalizing formula that wipes off makeup instantly Formulated with Micelle Technology to effectively dissolves & removes all makeup even waterproof mascara with less tugging, leaves skin completely clean Also Alcohol-free, Oil-free, Colourant-Free & Fragrance-free, less hassle to skin, simply wipe off, no need to rinse-off Furthermore, it's enhanced with soluble collagen for bouncy firm skin; Japan Natural Mineral Water to hydrate skin & White Tea Extract for brighter skin.
Source: Kao
I think it have two size. One in travel size RM14++ and larger one like the picture above. I think it around RM20++. 

So this is the makeup test. I use all types of face, eye and lip product. I even have mascara. I forgot to mentio…

Contact Lens Review : Mosaic - Luscious Green (Freshkon)

Yay!! Another contact lens review!! This is contact lens from Freshkon on Mosaic series. 

Featuring Pointilla™, a unique hyper-real pattern which gives you that fashionable and natural look.
Mosaic boasts a superior design that offers excellent comfort and easy wear. For those with perfect eyesight, non-powered lenses are also available.
Natural look • Unique hyper-real pattern-pointilla™ • Defined outline for a natural, elegant impression
Source: Freshkon Club
The normal price is RM69. 
This series have 4 different colours and I decided on Luscious Green!!

It have light green at the center and gradient to darker green on the outer rims. 

It have 14.20mm diameter and Median basecurve. I read other people blogs saying the basecurve that is bigger than their eyes make the lens moving here and there. Well I glad that for now, each contact lens that I wore fit perfectly. 

So this is the contact. I love the colour. It have the same colour at both sides of the lens so it kinda need more ti…


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