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Makeup Review :Hair Cocktail (Liese)

I have a really frizzy and dry hair so I have test a lot of hair products in the market. So far I hate everything that I test. Too oily, too waxy haha =.=;
One day I found this hair cocktail. It says that it have bi-layer that will moisturize wit non-sticky and non-greasy formula. So does this hair cocktail does what it claims?

Liese Hair Cocktail Smooth is a Revolutionary bi-layered hair serum with nourishing water and anti-frizz oil that combines easily with a few shakes. This light serum is filled with peach leaf extract and prune essence which glides on smoothly and evenly on each strand of hair. Lightly scented with refreshing tropical fruity scent. Can be used on damp or dry hair.
Source : Kao
Available at SaSa, Watson, Guardian and the mall with the price around RM31.90. Pricey. I have to admit that this product is a bit pricey than the normal hair product that I  bought. It have 2 types one the normal one (suitable for very dry hair) and another one is the lite version (the g…

Makeup Review : Gentle and Moist Cleansing Lotion (Pixy)

Heard about Pixy product before? Well I heard about this product from my niece. The compact powder seems like a trends for the students in high school. Basically this product is from Indonesia. 

The other day I went to mall and this SA give me a free sample for me to test on. I just love free sample haha. She say that this makeup remover is water based and does not need rinsing. So I'm excited to test it on haha xD.

It have 2 product that is Cleansing Lotion and Single Step Liquid Form. The second one is more like a facial wash. It have 2 size that is 50 ml = RM 7.90 and 100 ml = RM 13.90. Ok way cheaper than my regular makeup remover. It is available at local mall and pharmacies (Malaysia). 
I'm gonna review the cleansing lotion one. 

So this is my test. The first picture is what I'm gonna test it on. Lipstick from Revlon, Elianto's hard to remove Brilliant Riche Lip Colour, Lip Tint, Lip Gloss Eyeliner, Concealer and Mascara. The product is a clear solution (Second …

Makeup Review : Touch on Blush (Elianto)

Next up is blusher. I never use or even know how to use the blusher. I have seen people who have too much blusher that it look silly and weird. So when the Elianto's SA promote the blusher she explain how to use it and I ended up buying this touch on blusher.

Touch On Blush is an easy application blusher with fine and soft textured pigmented powder to give you naturally glowing blush.
Usage : Just a gently dap on the cheek for a rosy flush.
The blusher have 5 shade.
#B-P1 Mocha Brownie #B-P2 Tea Rose #B-01 Coral Pink #B-02 Peachy Passion #B-03 Tangerine Glow
Mine is #B-03 Tangerine Glow. I bought it at Elianto with the price RM36.00 but I think at that time I bought it with discounted price. 

The blusher have a mirror on top of it with a sponge applicator on top of it. This is handy as it does not require brush. It suitable for the newbie in makeup as it is easily applied. The blusher is in the loose powder form and it will redirect to sponge when applied. 


Makeup Review : Stay on Max Eyeliner Pencil (Elianto)

Another Elianto review. I like Elianto haha. This one is eyeliner with smudge pen at the back. I get it free of charge buying something. I forgot what haha.

This is a long-lasting, water-repellent and smudge-proof eyeliner, its feels soft and smooth to apply.
Usage : Start from the inner corner of the upper lashline.Draw the line by pulling the eyelid.
The normal price for this eyeliner is RM20.00. Elianto always have a promotion. Do check it out when it have promotion.

This is the swatch before and after smudging with the provided smudge tip. It really intense when applied. When I smudge the line it started to fade. The above picture is when I first smudge it the colour started to fade and then I try to put it again and smudging again. The effect as above picture. 
Well at first this is really a great eyeliner to make a quick smokey eyes. I have a monolid and oily lids, well this eyeliner does stay until end of the day (not pigmented as when I applied it) but it …

Makeup Review : Organic Cucumber Make Up Cleansing Tissue (Elianto)

I love makeup remover wipes. Makeup remover wipes is one of the thing that I quickly reach for in the lazy days. Well most of the times when I have tired day and just want to sleep, I often forget to remove makeup or even wash my face. So in those days when I'm too lazy too remove makeup I just reach my makeup remover wipes. Remove my makeup and go to sleep. 
Anyway, I got this makeup cleansing tissue for free of charge when buying stuff at Elianto. I love going to Elianto as I got many free stuffs. This makeup cleansing tissue is the organic cucumber in 10 pieces inside. Elianto websites show that it have cucumber and aloe vera version.  

Organic Cucumber Make Up Cleansing Tissue
USP : Gently cleanse your face, neck and eye area with your eyes closed.- Be sure to close the packaging lid to maintain freshness.- Keep product away from direct sunlight and heat.- Reseal the cover after each use.
Usage : elianto Organic Cucumber Make-up Cleansing Tissue is infused with cooling cucumb…

Mari ke Breeks Cafe

Dah lama x wat review jalan2. Baru2 ni gi Breeks Cafe, extension daripada Seoul Garden tetapi makanan beli Ala-cart. Ni first time datang Breeks Cafe haha. Breeks Cafe ni fokus utama makanan Korea tetapi still ada menu Western. xD

Ni lah suasana Breeks Cafe. Kiteowg gi dekat Mahkota Parade, Melaka. Sapa2 ada kat Melaka meh2 lah datang berhampiran dengan Nando's 

Untuk first time datang ni, aq dan kawan aq makan benda yang sama Bibimbap namanya. Kalau nama melayu nye nasi daging. Yang menarik set ni dapat mcm2. Ada nasi dengan telur separuh masak atas dia. Keliling dia ada daging, kimchi (sayur jeruk), lobak, sayur dengan mayonis tu (apa tah nama dia. lupa plak), ada cili dan tembikai. Banyak kan side menu dia haha  xD

Untuk air plak kami amik orange juice dan apple juice. Air dia boleh tahan sedap gak. X manis sangat, x masam sangat, just nice.

Jeng jeng suka set kulinari dia bagi. Ada chopstick ngan sudu minum sup tu. 

Ni lah resit dia. Bibimbap set tu RM10.50 dan juice tu Rm5.9…

Makeup Review : Eye Studio Master Liner (Maybelline)

Pencil’s delivery plus cream ‘s intensity. Draw bold and smooth lines easily unlike any other. Experience the power of cream with a top-to-bottom glide.
Experience the new generation of pencil liner:  • Oil-free cream formula holds the highest concentration of pigments for more intense eye drama • Smudgeproof and waterproof for 16 hours • Most intense line for lasting drama  • Safe for sensitive eyes and ophthalmologist-tested • Contact lens safe
Source : Maybelline 
The eyeliner have three colour that are black, brown and white.

I always wanted a white eyeliner to use at my waterline. So I bought it at Watson around RM12.00. :D Super cheap. Its stated at the label : - creamy pencil with soft glide - intense colour - smudge proof and water proof

The eyeliner have a twist pencil so that pencil do not require sharpening. 

The eyeliner have a pigmented colour but sometimes it hard to show the true colour when I use it at my waterline. However it does what it claims to be. At the end of …

The Liebster Award

Nampaknya dah dapat smpai 2 tag untuk liebster award ni, kene lah buat jugak kan.. So tag ni daripada fifie dan Hana.

Blog ni dah sunyi sangat, x sangka ada orang masih baca lagi.. Terharu!! haha

First tag ni dari cik fifie ok? Cik fifie ni my real life friends.. Selalu hang out lalala

Disebabkan cik fifie nye blog x leh nak select2 copy so terpaksa je lah print screen soalan. Terharu owg pertama kene tag haha..
1. When is your birthday? Answer: 28th January. 
2. Where are you from? Answer: Melaka
3. What is you hobby? Answer: Sleeping, watching movies, playing video games and window shopping
4. What are you doing just now? study? working? Answer: Study in Master =.= (Please i want to grad soon)
5. Who is your favourite people in your life? Why u like them? - Friends and family. They always been there for me ;). Ohh I forgot my Bear2 haha :P
6. List 3 things that you hate the most in life? Answer: cliffhanger ending (movie and tv series), people who complain a lot and frog!
7. List 3 …

Makeup Review : Surprise Essence Concealer (Etude House)

Next up is concealer. I bought it at Etude House with the price RM39.90. 
Features :

*Improved poke applicator tip
*Talc free, film polymer formula boosts adhesion and longevity
*Honey essence supplies rich, moist sensation
*Clean, long lasting makeup coverage of flaws and blemishes

Recommended for :
Light , moist adhesion ideal for dry skin and coverage around the eyes

Line up :
#1 Light Beige / #2 Natural Beige

Allure :

Liquid concealer formulated with essence to supply moist , spot coverage of facial flaws with a tip applicator

source: Etude House

The concealer that I got is #2 Natural Beige. From the illustration above it shows that the concealer can be used on the nose bridge as a highlighter. Tested it and it look kinda the same haha. The illustration should have English translation =.=;

The concealer have a strange round tip with flat thingie on the middle. Etude House claims that it suppose to be improved poke applicator tip.

The concealer have a thick texture. Picture above …

Makeup Review : XXXL Shine Lipgloss (Essence)

I found this at Watson the other day. Well I need some clear gloss and this lipgloss is kinda light so I bought it. The price RM10 .00+-, so cheap!!! The container is a clear container so you can see what the real product colour and the amount of product left.

timeless, trendy and beautiful! the wonderfully shiny lipglosses are available in bright as well as subtle shades. they give your lips a beautifully pampered look, amazing shine and fresh color. glossy and light on your lips – these lipglosses are simply irresistible! 

Source : essence website

I bought the #17 Fabulous Fuchsia.

The lip gloss have a flat applicator tip. The swatch show kinda clear pink gloss with a bit of shimmer. If I use it alone on my lips it doesn't show any colour just shiny. Well I didn't bought it  because of wanting the pigmented gloss, so this colour is what I want. It actually last a long time if I didn't have a heavy meal. The texture is kinda sticky. My hair always stick on my lips after I …

Makeup Review : IN2IT Gel Tint

My first lip tint. I buy it around Rm9.90 a that time but the last time I check the price is about RM7.00 . So cheap!! 

It have 4 shade.
GT01 : Peach GT02: Strawberry GT03:  Raspberry GT04:  Melon
I bought Strawberry and Raspberry. Available at Watson, Guardians and SaSa.

It have a flat applicator for easy application. Well I like the colour and the smell is kinda fruity smell.

This is the swatch. The bottom one is the strawberry one and the upper one is the raspberry one. Strawberry have a pink tone and raspberry have a red pink tone. It have a watery gel texture. 
This gel tint last really long when I use it alone. It really pigmented and after it dries out it really last long. Almost 8 hours. Well at the end of the day, the gel tint almost disappear but it does last long and pigmented. The most important thing no mug stain haha. It have sort of natural red after effect depends on how many you applied the gel tint. 
So anyway, I didn't use it as blusher as I hate something stic…

Makeup Review : Brilliant Riche Lip Colour (Elianto)

I heard the rave about Elianto's newest product Brilliant Riche Lip Colour. So here it is. Does it claim what it suppose to do?

Elianto's 1st Kiss Proof Lip Colour

Transfer Resistant Long Lasting Weightless, Ultra-thin Film Vibrant Matte Finish Intense Rich, Vivid Shades

Made in Italy 
Usage: Apply evenly to clean, dry lips.
USP: Elianto Brilliant Riche Lip Colour infuses lips with bright, intense colour, combining a lightweight yet long-lasting formula with moisturising ingredients.
Source : Elianto Website
I get the number #5 : Groovy with the price RM25.00.

It have a sort of round tip applicator. The colour is kinda purple red tone. I love that sort of colour. Haha.. Anyway even I really love the colour it really pigmented and really bright for me.  I think I get the wrong colour. I should get the sexy or any colour below #4. -sigh- I really have a problem getting the colour that I want @_@
Anyway, this product claims to be transfer resistance. Well it really transfer resi…


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