Life is easy back there~~~

I forgot the sensation of being a kid. Time pass without waiting anyone. Since when I stopped being a child? Suddenly meeting with my old friends, I realized I'm no longer a child. I'm no longer a child who thinks this world is full of nice thing. Life is easy back there. All I know about play and just enjoy the life. How I miss that time.

Growing up I realise life is harsh. Things are not that good and easy. I need to be cautious all the time. Facing all the lies and corruptions. I become more mature or should I say it, become hard hearted. It hard to trust people anymore. I always think negative about everything until it proven as otherwise.

If I am still thinking like when I was a child, I can't survive in this world. In a minute and I'll be the victim of the harshness of the world. It may sound overrated but this is the truth. World outside is harsh, we need to be prepared. For those who still in the comfort zone in their life, they need to be prepared or otherwise you will get the disease call culture shock. I've seen to many people who fall into these epidemic. It incurable. Once you get infected, it will be hard for you to be cure. Only the strong hearted survive.

Ah but still I just wished life is simple when I was a child. I miss that moment. I hope that someday that world can exists. It sound like a fairytale but still if there are hope they will be a way. Someway somehow this world can be like that.

p/s: This entry is more like me. Just ignore the entry before this that sound more like an emo person =____= ;



Unknown said…
me too.i'm getting old.. =.=
kei said…
@ ichigo chan : -sigh-

Getting old is not cool.. =___=;

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