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Makeup Review : Makeup Brush Cleaner (Daiso)

This is one of the cult favourites among the makeup junkies. It is makeup brush cleaner. With only RM5.60 this brush cleaner works amazing!!! No more pricey makeup cleaner products.

This makeup brush cleaner available at Daiso. However this cleaner always been out of stock. So this bottle contains 150ml of products. I usually use dishwasher soap to clean out my makeup brush but with this product my washing makeup brush routine have been fun. 

This makeup brush cleaner really works wonder. It managed to clean all the stubborn foundation, lipstick and even eyeliner. With an affordable price this cleaner really is going to be my favourite cleaner and I love it. 
Pros: - clean brushes amazingly - cheap - a bottle can go a long way
Cons : - have some weird smell
Repurchase? - Yes I will!!
So have you tried this brush cleaner? What do you think?

Makeup Review : Color Show Creamy Matte Lipcolor (Maybelline)

Bought this lipstick a long time ago. This is Maybelline from the Color Show line. 

They said : The 1st hydrating creamy matte color. Get a burst of bold, vibrant color, when you glide on our creamiest formula yet, Color Show Matte. Source : Maybelline

So this one is M102 - Pop of Pink
This lipstick have matte texture. Well it have a vanila kinda smell. It is really nice. I love the smell. The colour is matte, creamy and pigmented. However I don't think this colour is suitable for me. It is so light for me.. Maybe it will looks nice in other dark pink colour.. 
Overall, I love the texture and the smell.. It is not really long lasting. It will be gone after eating and drinking. 
Pros: - have a nice smell - matte texture - cheap - pigmented and vibrant color
Cons: - not a long lasting - the colour is not suitable for me
Repurchase? - Probably but not in this colour



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