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Mcd : Samurai Beef Burger

Dah lama x wat post pasal makan2.. so smlam dan hari ni aq dah makan dah menu baru McD ni.. korang dah? Mesti dah kan? Rasa macam aq yang terlambat.. Its okay.. At least aq dah makan.. haha..

So semalam aq beli yang set large semata-mata aq nak rasa shaker curry dia. Hah inilah dia...

So apa rasa dia? haha.. Bagi aq... kentang dia macam biasa sedap.. Campur shaker2  tu sedap lah.. Benda x berkhasiat memang sedap =.=;

Air dia plak.. Kalo x salah aq ribena campur sprite / 100plus.. ye x?? aq rasa macam 2.. Erm aq rasa sedap air dia.. xD

Berger dia plak..  Masing2 ada pendapat masing2 tapi bagi aq.. Aq suka.. Mungkin sebab aq tambah sos @ deria rasa aq x baik lagi ( baru baik demam @_@ ) Tapi  aq suka xD!! Ramai yang x suka sebab dia masam? Tapi bagi aq sedap xD

So bagi aq!!! Aq suka menu ni xD

Ok abis dah post pasal makan2...

Oh ya smlm boleh je aq refill air coke dengan cawan ni.. Tapi tadi pergi kat tampat lain x leh plak.. Sapa2  yang keje McD boleh bagitau x.. Boleh ke x ni? @___@

hah …

Hating you?

This few days I keep reading my old  post, the  emo, sad, and many emotions  I feel when I read all those posts. Suddenly I remember back what I am really feels at that particular moments. Just now I stumbled on my old post. "Hating is a strong word". I keep thinking on what makes me write on those post, even I'm thinking really hard I cannot remember anything. I had said we are not perfect and then why we should hate people? 

Then why right now I am feeling that strange feeling, I hate someone. Reading the post again making me remember that I should not hate you. Even I am really mad at you but that does not mean that I should hate you. Someone told me

 "Forget all the bad thing they had done and just  remember all the good  thing they had done".
When  I am thinking back, yes you had done many good thing to me. When I am down you are there to  pick me up. You introduced me someone great to me. For all those thing  I am grateful for that. It just sometimes  you sa…

Officially done and finish FYP @ PSM!!!

It is finally here.. The long awaited moment.. I am finally and officially done with FYP @ PSM!!!! No more sleep late, no more messy bed,  no more un-organized life, no more nescafe everyday(need it though), no more no social life and what important thing is no  more chasing the dateline!!!!!

For the first time  I feel like no life.. Too many thing happen and what can I say to finish this project, it really test on my mental and physical. All this good  and bad thing that happen really teach me that hardship teach me to be more patient in life.

I am really thankful for getting an understanding supervisor, Miss  Ida ^^ that seriously being patient with everything problems that i encounter. Thank you thank you...

My supervisor at work is an understanding person too.. Thank you keep bearing with me that does not give a productive work and have to go missing regularly. I'll  try to do better next week. I'll do much much better that you will not regret taking me as trainee..

I than…


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