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Contact Lens Review : Alluring Eyes- Winsome Brown (Freshkon)

So after years wanting to wear contact lens I finally pick up my first contact lens!!! I got this one Alluring Eyes from Freshkon

They say  Brilliantly conceptualized, beautifully designed Alluring Eyes cosmetic contact lenses are the easiest route to bigger, brighter eyes in an instant.

It have 4 colours that are Winsome Brown, Mystical Black, Mesmeric Black and Magnetic Grey. So I get Winsome Brown. Because I have different power on each eyes, I get two boxes. Pricey o.O The normal price is RM69 and at the store the sells it around RM55 and if you lucky you can get RM45 LOL. :D
Also this brand sells monthly and daily. This one I get the monthly one.

So this is the stuff that I got. A lot of stuff for this contact haha.

So this is the contact, It have darker outer rims but not black and the size is a bit bigger than normal one. Yeesh first timer here.

So this is the box, 14.20 diameter. 

So this is my eyes right without contact and left with contact. (My left eye becomes red when I i…

Makeup Review : Ponybrown Handcream - Fruity Punch (PONYBROWN)

I on the handcream craze LOL. Anyway I bought this from PonyBrown at Guardian. This two around RM10 something, I forgot :P
I bought this two variants Fruity Punch and Lovely Sweet.

So first I try this one Fruity Punch.

It have small tube that handy to bring anywhere. This handcream have an amazing smell!!! It is creamy and moisturizing. As the name suggested it have fruity smell. It is amazing xD. It have cute tube and delicious smell but it is not really something that I can't live without. So yeah this product is a decent handcream with amazing smell :D.
Pros: -cheap -have amazing smell -cute tube
Cons: - none
Repurchase? - No, I want to try other product
Ponybrown Handcream - Fruity Punch - click here for review
Ponybrown Handcream - Lovely Sweet - click here for review

Makeup Review : Extra White Make Up Clear Mud (Nivea)

Next up Makeup Clear in the form of Mud. The price is RM17.50. Available at all major store.

From the description, it mention that it can apply as a mud mask, make up remover and have whitening effect. 

For the experiment, I have applied face, eye and lip makeup. To use it as mud mask, apply it with dry hand. Let it alone for a minute. I used to wear it more than a minutes :P. Then to use it as makeup remover, add water and massage it thoroughly. Then rinse!!
So what my feeling after using it, it kinda make my face refresh. However it still dry for me. Not as drying as foam one but it still make my face too dry. I really hope this one works for me as it can be used as mud mask but it still too dry for me. :(
As a makeup remover it remove basic face makeup but not the eye and lips makeup. I don't know it will sting  eyes as I  didn't use it as eye makeup remover :P.
Overall, for a makeup remover that can be used as mud mask, it really save my time but it kinda drying for me. M…

Makeup Review : White Oil Control Make Up Clear Foam (Nivea)

My next one is makeup remover from Nivea. I have try cleanser from Nivea before and i don't like it. It too dry for me but when Nivea come out with the new makeup remover foam I just want to try it. So Nivea have launched three type of makeup remover that are foam, mud and scrub.

So this one is in Foam type. It target for oily skin. The description mention it for makeup remover, whitening oil control and toner. Well from the description is really amazing. The price is RM17.50/100g.

So above picture is the experiment that I have conducted. I put face, eyes and lip makeup on my hands. It become foamy when I lather it with water. After wash my hands with the makeup remover, it remove all my face makeup but it doesn't managed to remove all eyes and lip makeup. Well you are not suppose to use it on your eyes because it will sting. A LOT!!!
So anyway, my skin after using it? My skin became too dry and I really hate it. Maybe because it is targeted for really oily skin but its too d…

Makeup Review : Eye and Lip Makeup Remover (Pixy)

This next review is about the Eye and Lip Makeup Remover by Pixy.

The price is RM8.90. Source: Watson Online

The makeup remover have pink colour oil. LOL the oil part is pink in colour. It so cute. To use it we have to shake it and it will form a foam. To test the product let's make an experiment!!

The picture above, show my hands with all eye and lip makeup. Shaking the product it will form a foam. Put the product on cotton and swipe the makeup. To make it remove more efficiently, hold the cotton on your eyes for a few seconds to make the makeup melted. :P
So for the 1st swipe it remove most of the makeup, the full swipe remove all the makeup even the stubborn lipstick :D.
I really love this makeup remover. It can remove all waterproof makeup in a cheap price. It kinda sticky (well all oil based makeup remover is sticky) so I need to cleanse afterwards.
Overall, this is inexpensive makeup remover that do its job.
Pros: - cheap - it have cute pink colour LOL - it does it job very…

Makeup Review : Miss Tiara Colour Gloss (LipIce)

So this is new product from LipIce. It is a new lipgloss. Available all major store with the price RM14.90.

It have three different variants and I choose the Cherry one.

It have this nice small tube. I love it small, as I can quickly finish it up and handy to bring it anywhere. It have kinda pigmented red colour. It nice when I wear it with some nude lipstick as it bring more natural colour and gloss. What I love about this lipgloss, it have this fruity scented that I really love. It doesn't make  my hair stick to my lips and its a plus. 
I love it and I can't wait to finish this up and try other variants! 
Pros: - have fruity smell  - not sticky - is pigmented
Cons: - none. maybe it kinda pricey. Anything more than RM10 is pricey for me :P
Repurchase? - yes, I want the other colour :D


Makeup Review : Dandruff Treatment Shampoo (Selsun Blue)

I have severe dandruff problem. Sometimes regular dandruff shampoo doesn't work so I try this Selsun Blue that is more expensive and stronger than normal shampoo. The price is around RM2X. It have three types and I usually take the 2 in 1 version that also have conditioner. 

Well for the price this shampoo is actually work. Well it doesn't stop the dandruff completely but it reduce the dandruff and stop the itchy head. I love it but because if the price, sometimes I just revert back to my old shampoo :P.
Pros: - reduce the dandruff - reduce the itchiness 
Cons: - really expensive o.O
Repurchase? - yes, I bought it from times to times. 

Makeup Review : Biore UV Aqua Rich Whitening Essence SPF 50+ (Biore)

After I finish up my sunblock, I wanted to try other sunblock. So I bought this one from Biore. I bought it with the price RM35.95 at Sasa.

Suitable for face application, Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Whitening Cream SPF 50+ PA+++ is formulated with natural Chamomile extracts to suppress melanin production and prevent age spots due to sun exposure for fairer, radiant skin. Contains Hyaluronic Acid and Mix Citrus Essence as moisturising ingredients to leave skin looking healthy with a rich, moisture feeling. Its texture is non-sticky and non-greasy. It works as a smooth makeup base to prepare skin for makeup regimen.
Source: Kao

It have this tube type. It have this long nozzel that looks hygienic. 

So this is the texture of the sunblock. It have thick texture with white colour. After blended it feels lightweight with no sticky feeling. It just like without using any product at my face. I love it. :D.

With the word whitening essence, it make me think it gonna lighten my skin, but I think…

Makeup Review : Sage Balancing Mask (Elianto)

I got this for free when buying online at Elianto. The price is around RM10++. This mask designed for sebum control.  elianto Nutrition Mask sheet nourished and clarifies the skin. The high mineral content is rich in anti aging properties and infuses moisture to skin, while preventing the formulation of freckles. The 100% cotton mask pack helps the skin purify, leaving your skin cleans and clear.
USP : Skin renewal, Sebum control
Usage :
1) Cleanse and tone face to prepare the skin to absorb the nutrients from the mask.
2) Spread the mask sheet evenly over the face, starting from the nose and eye area.
3) Leave on for a minimum of 15 minutes and maximum of 30 minutes, and then gently peel off the mask sheet.
4) Gently tap any residual essence on the face to be absorbed into the skin.
5) For best result, do not wash the face after using the mask.
Source :

This is the mask after opening it. It kinda sticky LOL. When I put it, it feels cool and refresh. I put it at my face a…


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