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Makeup Review : Facial Foam Pure Mild (Biore)

I almost finish using this one. This is Biore facial foam in pure mild.

Gently cleanses and moisturizes the skin. It thoroughly removes oil & impurities at the T-zone area while leaving essential skin moisture around the delicate U-zone. Formulated with Natural Rice extract to soften & lighten skin, revealing pure & even more supple skin. The perfect moisture balanced skin formula. For normal skin.
Source: Kao
Price is around RM15+-. I forgot how much LOL.

This mild type is suitable for normal to combination skin.

So this is the texture. It have a simple white colour and without any micro beads. I have an oily skin so this facial wash, make my skin moisturizes and no oily residues. I love it but I prefer facial wash that have micro beads on them. 
Pros: - moisturize and foamy - suitable for oily skin, dry and combination
Cons: - no micro beads 
Repurchase? -No. I love the one that have micro beads. 


Makeup Review : Cleansing Foam, Essence Lotion, Perfect Protector - True White Skincare (Za)

I'm in need of moisturizer that is suitable for my oily skin. When I'm at the store this SA have promoted this Za True White Skincare. She wanted  to promote me the new Essence Lotion. So to try this out I bought this travel kit that include face wash, the lotion and sunblock. So I'm gonna talk about all this three.  

The true white line have a lot products ranging from face wash till the lip products!!.
Cleansing Foam
They say:
A whitening cleansing foam that provides essential care for moisturized translucent skin. Source: Za
This is the cleansing foam. It actually quite good. It have this small micro beads. It really foamy and I really like how it make my oily skin feels. :D
Pros: - have micro beads - really foamy and suitable for my face
Cons: - I don't see the whitening effect on my skin
Repurchase? - Why not. I'm gonna buy it if there are sale :D.
Essence Lotion
They say:
3-in-1 whitening essence lotion that substitutes lotion, essence and emulsion. Brightens …


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