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Makeup Review : Oh~ m'Eye Line (Etude House) Part 2

So I guess this is the second part of the eyeliner from Etude House. I don't know why this eyeliner becoming my favourite. Its not waterproof it just smudge proof but because of its not waterproof that I like to wear it. There are times when I just to need go out in 2 3 hours and I just need eyeliner so that I don't look to plain and not heavily makeup. So in this situation this not waterproof eyeliner is come handy as I don't need to use eye makeup remover. Well there are times that I'm too lazy to use point makeup remover :P. 

So when I almost finish up the grey one, I decided to bought another two. Yay for buy one free one. So this post is just to show the colour comparison. For the review you can read previous post. Oh~ m'Eye Line (Etude House) Part 1

So as you can see the colour is almost the same. The brown is more to dark brown that almost to black. The black one have intense black with no glittery. The grey one have sort of grey colour with some glittery. 

Makeup Review : Anti-Acne Gel (NuTeen)

My next review in anti-acne treatment from NuTeen. They say..
NuTeen Acne Away Gel
Specially blended with natural herbal ingredients, Triclosan and Thanakha Extract as a targeted solution to treat pimples. Effectively contracts and reduce redness of pimples while providing anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to clear pimples within a few days, thus leaving skin smooth and blemish-free.Benefits:• Heals pimples within a few days
• Contracts & reduces redness of pimples
• Provides anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory functions
Size: 12ml Source: ginvera

So this is the box. Quite a big box for small tube. The price is around RM14.20
I'm usually doesn't have acne problem like teenagers  but when I'm on heavy stress this acne decided to show themselves. Anyway, I need a quick solution removing the acne without leaving any black marks and scars. So I decided to get this just because it is cheap.

So this is what the gel looks like, kinda brownish colour. So what …

Makeup Review : Etude House Eau De Perfume 20ml (Etude House)

My recently haul. I love buying Etude House's product. So in this post I'm gonna review on the limited edition Eau De Perfume for valentines. 

This perfume have 7 different type and I just managed to get one that is "why not me" before it sold out. Sad :(
It have cute wording as the perfume name. For 20ml is kinda pricey RM80++ for a bottle. That is why I waited a long time before buying it with the price RM30 and ended buying only 1 variant. :( . 

It have glass bottle but in small size. It is actually durable because I once drop it on the floor and it survived the drops!! It have this musky sweet smell. I love it. I hate buying limited edition product because I will be sad when they sold out and I wanted more. 
When spray, it last for almost half the day. I always apply it again after midday so that is why I need a small bottle that is handy for travelling. 
Pros: - have musky sweet smell that i like - small and handy for travel - have cute name
Cons: - it is limit…

Contact Lens Review : Colors Fusion - Sparkles Series Blooming Pink (Freshkon)

Yay another contact lens review!! I'm excited. When my contact lens in Winsome Brown have tear up, I decided to buy a new one. I bought it with promotions buy 1 free 1. Go to this link and freshkon club and register. You will get member's complimentary gift with buy 1 free 1 box promotion (with normal price). You also can get birthday rewards! It's amazing LOL. 

They said
Make your eyes your most attractive feature! The Sparklers series, with two fabulous new colors, will have you turning heads with just a glance. Be radiant and sparkle with Sparklers, or be dazzling and vivacious with the original Dazzlers series. Match them with your mood, your whim, your life!

For Sparkles Series it have 6 different colours. So for this review I bought Freshkon Fusion Sparkles Series in Blooming Pink. The normal price is RM64 for one box.

It have diameter 14.20mm

As shown in the above picture it have pink design with black outer rims. At first I bought this one because I thought the co…

Makeup Review : Dear Darling Tint (Etude House) Part 2

After buying my first one dear darling tint I started buying more colour when my first one started to finish up.  Dear Darling Tint Part 1.

I guess I got it all except 04 Vampire Red. I can't find the 04 :(.

So for now this is all three colour  #1 Berry Red #2 Real Red #3 Orange Red

The above picture is #1 Berry Red. Among all, I really love this one. It really suitable to use at work. It have a light pink colour and it kinda looks my natural lip colour but better. I love it!!

The above picture is #2 Real Red. I have review colour in my previous review. Dear Darling Tint Part 1. So anyway, this colour looks pigmented at my lips compare to #1 that more to pinkish hue.

#3 Orange Red
The above picture is #3 Orange Red. It have this orange tinge. It looks like my original lips colour but better. I love wearing it when I don't want to seen as too much makeup but have a healthy lips. 
Overall, all this colour are cute and looks good on my lips. I'm not going to write the pros a…


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