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Makeup Review : Satin Ultimate Rouge (Elianto)

elianto Satin Ultimate Rouge Lipstick gives you instant, intense colour that melts into your lips for a moist, satin-like finish. Enjoy a burst of rich colour that lasts, yet remains comfortable and fresh even after hours of wear, thanks to an exclusive blend of pure pigments and luminous shine-enhancing oils.
Usage : Glide on lips gently or apply with lip brush.

I  bought this one the other day via online. Actually for my mum but because of the colour is too light I take it instead. At least I can make it as lip concealer LOL. The price : RM35.90. Mine is M01.

As you can see the colour is too light. However when I use it as lip concealer it even out my lips and when I wear it as a touch up, it even out my remaining lipstick. It is useful as touch up.
Overall it is a good lipstick, well it will disappear when I eat so I have to frequently touching up but I think it is decent.
Pros: - good as lip concealer or touching up - price is decent
Cons; - it doesn't last after me…


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