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Makeup Review : Hair Make Supplement Triple Beauty Vitamin Oil (LUCIDO-L)

I have been using this hair oil for quite a long time. For me this hair oil is suitable for me. 

This hair vitamin have two types oil and spray. I bought the oil one. So this range have three types, normal hair, dry hair and damaged hair. I got a really dry hair so I bought the yellow one. 

So this hair oil is using a pump type bottle. This hair oil have an oily texture but when I use it on my hair it does not really oily. I have used some hair oil in the past that is really oily that make me stop using it. Furthermore, this product make my hair more manageable and smooth. I love it. 
The price is around RM15+-. So it is not really expensive. With my long hair this product can last a long time. 
Pros: - make my hair more manageable, tangle-free and smooth - is it light and not oily - it is affordable - can last a long time even when I have long hair
Cons: - None!!
Repurchase? - This is like my fourth bottle. I love it
So have you tried this products? What do you think? Do you love it…


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