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Did I do the right thing?

Wondering... So here I am.. 5.43 am.. Viewing the articles and wondering... Did I do the right thing? My Final Year Project is a doom if I may say so.. What I did wrong? I start early.. Should I blame my lappy-chama (laptop) for this? Compiling takes forever.. It kinda irritated and annoying... Sorry lappy-chama I shouldn't blame you.. Other people don't even have laptop. I should cherish and appreciate you. You always been my side for almost 4 years. You and I have been through a lot of thing. 

I should blame for myself for does not making enough research and taking this for granted. I'm doing something that I'm not familiar with. You should not be comfortable with it. JAVA and Android is a not my expertise =.=;. What I'm thinking?? Meh trying to challenge myself.. That was I thought. So the game is still on. I can do it!!! 

**Sorry for the short rambling. I have a lot of my mind lately =.=;



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