Makeup Review : Perfect UV Protector Wet Force (Shiseido)

So I receive this sample from Shiseido. Thank you Shiseido!!

They say :
An innovative BB sunscreen that’s scientifically formulated for exercise, so it not only shields your skin but activates when it’s exposed to water or perspiration.
This is beauty in motion. Immerse yourself.
Source : Shiseido

So this is a sunblock that is good for sport or when you are in swimming pool. Because it will boost their UV protection when sweat or wet. 

So I got mine in the blue bottle that is wet force. The sunblock have skin colour shade and apparently it have three shade and I don't know which shade I got LOL.. 

So this sunblock is really good. It doesn't make my face oily and it is suitable to use under makeup. I have used in the sports before and it does not make my skin sunburn. Honestly I love it. 

I don't know the retail price but I think it will be more expensive than what I used to buy LOL...

Overall I love this sunblock..

- not oily and greasy
- suitable to used under makeup
- suitable to use for sport and swimming

- probably expensive

- Yes I will buy it if there are sale.

So have you tried this sunblock? What do you think? Let me know in the comment section below. 

Edit : Yes it is expensive the price is hundred something.. 



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