Makeup Review: Oil Clear Blotting Powder (The Face Shop)

I bought this a long time ago. I kinda late in this review. I have a lot of posts that still on the draft. Well I hope I managed to publish it routinely. 

So this review is on Blotting Powder. Before this I bought Kiss Me Blotting Powder and suddenly this kind product become important for me (having an oily skin).  So this time I try the loose powder one. 

They said :

Oil cut powder effectively eliminates shine and stickiness.
Keep the skin matte and fresh all day long
Provides an oil cut effect that prevents shine and keeps makeup from darkening.

Source : ebay


So this product have Cushion BB with the same line. 

This product have a small container. It is so cute. I'm gonna reuse this container!!

This product have a small particles. It really good. This powder managed to cut the oiliness of my face and managed to make my face matte. I love it. 

To good thing about the loose powder it have a fine particles and it have a good coverage. However it hard to bring it everywhere because it kinda bulky. 

Overall, I love this powder.

- cute container
- have a fine particles and texture
- managed to make my face matte

- kinda bulky

- Yes but I think I'm gonna get the compact version one. 

So have you tried this powder? What do you think?



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