Hair Review : Damage Reconstruction Intensive Treatment Mask (Sunsilk)

So my next review on the hair produtcs. They will not be a lot of review on this section as I usually bought what I'm comfortable with. So at this moment I got this dry and frizzy hair. I even got dandruff and some hair loss.. I need some hair mask to helps my hair loss.. It is bad.. I keep swiping off my hair from the floor. 

They said:
It penetrates deep into the hair to replace lost protein and restore hair for total reconstruction.
Source : sunsilk

So this is the swatch. It have a thick consistency. I used it 2 3 times per week. This container can last a really long time. Even it kinda pricey RM25+++ it still last a long time. 

My verdict, it make my hair more smooth and tame the frizzy but my hair loss is still there. I think I got the wrong specification LOL.. 

- last a long time
- tame the frizzy and make my hair smooth

- still have a hair loss.

- yes but maybe different one.. 



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