Foodies : Royale Korean Spicy Braised Beef Flavour (Maggi)

They say : 
Exceptionally thick, springy wheat noodles in a rich flavourful meaty broth infused with the heat of real chilies, garlic and pepper to give you a spicy kick in every bite
Topped with real spices and vegetables, every bowl takes you on a fiery yet addictive taste adventure - you will definitely crave for more
Inspired by Korea's street cuisine, MAGGI Royale brings you Korean Spicy Braised Beef
A spicy and mouth-watering flavour that will set your taste-buds on fire
Easy to cook
Very Delicious
Taste of Korean Braised Beef
Made of quality Ingredients

I think I'm going to make a new post about food and instant noodles. I love instant noodles. Eventhough it is not healthy... LOL
So this one is the Maggi Korean Beef Flavour, This is the one of the many instant noodles that actually have some dried food inside and in this case it have some dried meat. It is more expensive than normal instant noodles. 

I love that this one have a cup version. Well I just want to taste one not the whole pack. 

So this noodles have two sachet. One is all the MSG and flavouring and another one is the dried vegetables, chili and meat. So this is what it look like after I have mixing it all up. The noodles kinda thick springy. 

What do I think? So this instant noodles taste quite good and when it say it is spicy it really spicy. I love that it have a chunk of beef. I think some people may dislike it but for me I love it. I haven't try the real Korean dish so I can't really compare but this is really good and I love it. 

However compare this to Samyung instant noodles, this one doesn't have make me want to go out and buy more. Maybe if I saw one at the shelf I probably gonna buy one but it is not addictive compare to Samyung LOL.. 

So what do you think? Have you tried this instant noodles?



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