Makeup Review : Heroine Make Volume & Curl Mascara S (Kiss Me)

I always heard an amazing review on this mascara. So I had to try!

They said :
Provides voluminous eyelashes that lasts all day long!* Instantly locks the curl during application while the polymer holds the curl upwards effectively for a long time.
Highly resistant to tears, sweat, water and sebum. Super guard polymer coats the eyelashes evenly preventing any smudging.*
Contains 4 types of essence; camellia oil, wild rose oil, argan oil and royal jelly extract to protect sensitive eyelashes from damage while wearing makeup. 
Features & Benefits
• Fuller eyelashes
• All day curl locking
• Waterproof
• Formulated with essence ingredients
Source: hermo

This mascara wand have unique shape. 

This is a really good mascara. It managed to make my eyelash more volume and bigger. I love it.

This mascara is a waterproof and can last a whole day. Only the downside is it really hard to remove. I need to use a really good eye makeup remover!!

- waterproof
- managed to make my eyelash more volume and make my eyes bigger

- really hard to remove

- Yes I will!! xD


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