Makeup Review : Lovely Cookie Blusher (Etude House)

This is going to be an old post but here it is. I got this blusher from Etude House and this is one of my earlier purchases at Etude House.  

So this blusher have cute design and cute puff. However the puff doesn't managed to pick up all the products so I prefer using my own brush. 

This is the colour that is available and I think there are more colours than listed here.. Anyway I got myself the #8 Blueberry Pie

They say :
Pong pong pong~ Simply tap skin with the lovely puff to have pinkish cheeks full of bright vitality
Source : Etude House

So I got myself this purple colour and it is not really pigmented. It probably will be pigmented in others colour.

So this picture above is the comparison by swiping using different methods. 

Anyway, this blusher is okay for me and I'm not worrying if I mess up because the colours is just nice. I think purple colours is not suitable for me LOL.. Anyway for this colours, it have a nice colours and it last a long time. I love it.

- have many shade and colours
- have a nice and cute container

- not really pigmented but maybe it is purple colour

- yes, but not this colour. 

So have you tried this blusher? What colour that you get? Did you love it?


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