Makeup Review : Eyeshadow (Elianto)

I bought this a long time ago. It have sale LOL.. Anyway, this is the type of eyeshadow that you mix and match on your own. I even get this pallette.. It is so cute.. This post is going to be a long and full of picture. Just bear with me ok. :D

This is #10 Burlywood in Splendour Shadow series. 
This is a dark brown colour. It have this kinda matte texture. 

This is #12 Roasted Brown in Splendour Shadow series. 
It have light brown colour. It have matte texture. 

This is #15 Choco Orange in the Pearl Shine Shadow series.
It is light brown colour. The texture is kinda shimmery and kinda light colour. 

This is #02 Early Down in the Vibrant Shadow series. 
It is white colour with a bit of shimmery and pigmented.

#05 Celery Green in Safari Shadow series. 
It is green colour shadow. This is my favourite colour as it pigmented and shimmery. 

#01 Blossom Pink in Madigra Shadow series.
This is dark red colour with shimmery and pigmented texture. 

#05 Blue Tahiti in Madigra Shadow series. 
This is pigmented blue colour with shimmery. 

#19 Young Lemon in Vibrant Shadow series. 
This is lemon green colour it kinda matte with no shimmery. 

#11 Wine Red in vibrant Shadow series.
This is the red colour with matte texture and no shimmery. 

Overall, Elianto offers a lot of colours and texture of eyeshadow. It is interesting how we can custom mix and match which colour that we like. I love it.  It also last a long time. 

- interesting concept of mix and match. 
- have a lot of texture that meets the needs

- None

- Probably not. I still have a lot of eyeshadows.

So have you tried this eyeshadow from Elianto? What do you think?



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