Makeup Review : Anti-Acne & Pimple Sleeping Mask (NuTeen)

After using Nu Teen Pimple Gel, I have tried the Sleeping Mask. It suppose to reduce the pimples. 

They said :
Helps to soothes & reduce pimple’s size at night
Prevent formation of acne and pimples, preventing inflammation
Treats and prevent pimples, tightening of pores and oil control
Source : NuTeen

This mask is suppose to use after moisturize. The price is RM22.59.

This sleeping mask have this greenish white gel. It kinda sticky when applied, but afterwards it will dry. At the morning my face will become matte and kinda refresh. I love it. 

This mask managed to reduce the pimples and when I have this big and irritate pimples, it will reduce the irritation. 

Overall, I love it and it managed to reduce my pimples. 

- reduce pimples and irritations
- make my skin matte and refresh

- None

- Yes

So have you tried this sleeping mask? What do you think?



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