Makeup Review : Lumino White Series (Elianto)

So this is trial kit from Elianto. This is from the series Lumino White. In this kit it provide the cleanser, toner and night cream. I think Elianto have made a new packaging with the new colour white. 

Elianto Lumino White Clarifying Cleanser

They said :
elianto Lumino White Clarifying Cleanser melts aways dirt and impurities,leaving your skin clean and refreshed.Enriched with Sand Lily and Vitamin PP,it also helps to improve uneven skin tone so that dark spots are reduced in size and appearance .Lastly ,Organic Cornflower Floral Water clarifies skin gently with its astringent qualities .
Source : elianto

With the price RM59.90 for the full size.

This cleanser is not the foamy type, it is not cream type. I don't know what type this cleanser is. I heard that the cleanser that is not foamy is good for skin but I didn't know the truth on that facts LOL.. Anyway I'm not really fond with this cleanser. I have oily skin so I really love the foamy one as it remove my face oil. 

Elianto Lumino White Refining Toner

They said :
elianto Lumino White Refining Toner prepares your skin for moisture with its blend of gentle astringent Organic Blue Cornflower Floral Water and soothing Aloe Vera. Also with brightening and lightening Sand Lily and Vitamin PP to reduce the size and appearance of dark spots, it supports the brightening action of the entire Lumino White range.
Source: elianto

The price is RM59.90 for the full size

So this is a toner nothing big. It cleans away the dirt and does not left with oily residue. 

Elianto Lumino White Advanced Night Cream

They said :
elianto Lumino White Advanced Night Cream moisturises,nourishes and brightens while you sleep,with its powerful blend of Sand Lily ,Vitamin PP(Niacinamide),anti -oxidants .its moisturising and revitalising agents also rejuvenate your skin for a fresher complexion when you awake.
Source : elianto

The price is RM89.90 for the full size

So this moisturizer does not make my face oily. It does brightens my skin and lighten the dark spots. 

Because this kit only have night cream, so I only use it before I sleep. This kit does make my skin brighter and lighten my dark spots. I love this kit I just hate the cleanser LOL..

- brighten and lighten my skin
- moisturize

- the cleanser is not foamy
- expensive

- Probably not. It is kinda expensive

So have you tried this kit? What do you think?
Does it make your skin whiter? 



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