Makaeup Review : White Seed Real Whitening Essence (TheFaceShop)

I got this essence from The Face Shop. Thank you The Face Shop!!

White Seed Real Whitening Essence
- Real whitening essence that delivers powerful whitening effects for clear milky white skin.
- 7 free formula.
- TFS originally developed Hexylresorcinol gives powerful whitening effects that is 1,000 times more than that of vitamin C, to create milky white skin that shines from the inside.
- Hydro matrix gel system maximizes moisturizing ingredients and active ingredients for dewy, clear skin.
Source : thefaceshop

It is a essence that have whitening effect. I think it is used after moisturizer? LOL Korean products have too much products and steps. Sometimes it confuses me.. 

Anyway, this essence have a lovely smell. I really love it. It moisturize my skin and I think it make my face more dewy and fresh. I love it but this is one of the products that I could live without. However if it is on discounted price I would buy it LOL.. 

- have a lovely smell
- make my face more refresh, moisturize and dewy 


- Yes if it is on discounted price. 

So what do you think? Have you tried this products?



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