The Liebster Award

Nampaknya dah dapat smpai 2 tag untuk liebster award ni, kene lah buat jugak kan.. So tag ni daripada fifie dan Hana.

Blog ni dah sunyi sangat, x sangka ada orang masih baca lagi.. Terharu!! haha

First tag ni dari cik fifie ok? Cik fifie ni my real life friends.. Selalu hang out lalala

Disebabkan cik fifie nye blog x leh nak select2 copy so terpaksa je lah print screen soalan. Terharu owg pertama kene tag haha..

1. When is your birthday?
Answer: 28th January. 

2. Where are you from?
Answer: Melaka

3. What is you hobby?
Answer: Sleeping, watching movies, playing video games and window shopping

4. What are you doing just now? study? working?
Answer: Study in Master =.= (Please i want to grad soon)

5. Who is your favourite people in your life? Why u like them?
- Friends and family. They always been there for me ;). Ohh I forgot my Bear2 haha :P

6. List 3 things that you hate the most in life?
Answer: cliffhanger ending (movie and tv series), people who complain a lot and frog!

7. List 3 things in your wish list?
Answer: - send my parents to Haji or at least Umrah
- getting married
- travel the world with peoples I love

8. List 3 latest movies you watch?
Answer: Guardians of Galaxy, Kindaichi Movie and Social Network (an old movie but I need to finish out my watch list) 

9. List any latest book you read.
Answer: Research Methodology (In the thesis mood =.=;)

10. Do you watch running man? Who you like the most? why?
Answer: Sometimes when I have time. I like Kwang Soo because he is so innocent and adorable hahaha xD

11. What do you like to share on your blog the most?
Answer: Well I rant about my life, where I go and where I eat. Nowadays my blogs seem so empty that I started to review about my makeup products. 

12. What do you think about FifieFeyca's blog?
Answer: Amazing. Make me up to date with new dramas. Keep it up.


Now the tag from Hana

Q1. What is your ideal weather living in Malaysia? Why?
Ans: Malaysia is always in Summer mode so it nice if Malaysia have Winter mode haha. I want to play with snowball :D

Q2. What is your favourite ice cream?
Answer: Chocolate chip mint. Okay most of people hate it because it smell like toothpaste but hey I love it haha,

Q3. Perfect pet for you? Cat? Fish? Bird? Other?
Answer: Actually I want a tiger but it is illegal so cat is ok for me.. Lalala

Q4. What is your ambition when you are 12years old?
Answer: A doctor!! Now I'm a Software Engineer 

Q5. You like egg white or egg yolk?
Answer: Both. I don't care I eat anything when hungry

Q6. What is your hobby other than blogging?
Answer: Answer: Sleeping, watching movies, playing video games and window shopping

Q7. Prefer wash off mask or peel off mask?
Answer: Wash off mask. I love mud mask haha 

Q8. Favourite local fruit is?
Answer: Dragon fruit.. Yum yum

Q9. Cake person or cookies person?
Answer: Why I have to choose? I love them both

Q10. What brand of laptop you are using now?
Answer: Dell. Been using it for almost 7 years. Dell FTW :D

Q11. What do you think of my blog?
Answer: Your blog is interesting. Will come back!! XD


Done. Kene tanya soalan balik eh?

1. What is your internet name? Does it have special meaning for you?
2. Where are you from?
3. Latest drama you have watch?
4. Favourite singer and song
5. What you write in your blog?
6. What do you see yourself in 10 years?
7. Top 3 in your bucket list?
8. What you do when you are bored?
9. If you can get anything in this world what would you get?
10. Latest book you have read
11. What do you think about my blog? Anything you like too see?

Lupe plak nak tagged sapa balik eh?

1. FifieFeyca
2. Cik Zaza
3. ....
4. ....

Ok x de idea sapa lagi.. Sapa2 nak jawab tlg ah jawab.. Tinggalkan jejak kat bawah ni okey?



fifie feyca said…
wah wah.. finally.. miss kei jawab gak kan LA kte.. :P :P werkksss.. knape tag smule... hahahah.. werrkksss...
i'm done too.. check it out here
kei said…
@fifie feyca: nak wat camne x de member on9 lain :P
fifie feyca said…
tagged... check sini

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