Makeup Review : Touch on Blush (Elianto)

Next up is blusher. I never use or even know how to use the blusher. I have seen people who have too much blusher that it look silly and weird. So when the Elianto's SA promote the blusher she explain how to use it and I ended up buying this touch on blusher.

Touch On Blush is an easy application blusher with fine and soft textured pigmented powder to give you naturally glowing blush.

Usage : Just a gently dap on the cheek for a rosy flush.


The blusher have 5 shade.

#B-P1 Mocha Brownie
#B-P2 Tea Rose
#B-01 Coral Pink
#B-02 Peachy Passion
#B-03 Tangerine Glow

Mine is #B-03 Tangerine Glow. I bought it at Elianto with the price RM36.00 but I think at that time I bought it with discounted price. 

The blusher have a mirror on top of it with a sponge applicator on top of it. This is handy as it does not require brush. It suitable for the newbie in makeup as it is easily applied. The blusher is in the loose powder form and it will redirect to sponge when applied. 

The colour swatch. The blusher have a bit of shiny particle when applied. That make the face glow haha. 

So what I do think about this blusher? This is the first time I'm wearing blusher and I love it. It really handy to use with the sponge applicator. It make sort of sun kiss blush haha. However it doesn't really last. I have oily face so at midday it sort of vanish.  

For the size? It handy having the sponge applicator so I don't have too bring brush when travelling. However it takes a quite a space in my travelling bag and it is not going to be in my everyday bag. 

Overall I love this blusher. 

- easy to apply
- have a handy sponge applicator
- make a sun kiss blush

- hope there are more smaller jar for travelling

- I'll buy it again after I'm done with this one.

p/s: It may hard to make the product out in first use but afterwards it easier to use.



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