Makeup Review : XXXL Shine Lipgloss (Essence)

I found this at Watson the other day. Well I need some clear gloss and this lipgloss is kinda light so I bought it. The price RM10 .00+-, so cheap!!! The container is a clear container so you can see what the real product colour and the amount of product left.

timeless, trendy and beautiful! the wonderfully shiny lipglosses are available in bright as well as subtle shades. they give your lips a beautifully pampered look, amazing shine and fresh color. glossy and light on your lips – these lipglosses are simply irresistible! 

Source : essence website

I bought the #17 Fabulous Fuchsia.

The lip gloss have a flat applicator tip. The swatch show kinda clear pink gloss with a bit of shimmer. If I use it alone on my lips it doesn't show any colour just shiny. Well I didn't bought it  because of wanting the pigmented gloss, so this colour is what I want. It actually last a long time if I didn't have a heavy meal. The texture is kinda sticky. My hair always stick on my lips after I wear the lip gloss but for the cheap price I can't really complain. 

- cheap
- have many different colour
- do what the lip gloss suppose to do. Make the lips look 3D haha

- sticky




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