Makeup Review : Brilliant Riche Lip Colour (Elianto)

I heard the rave about Elianto's newest product Brilliant Riche Lip Colour. So here it is. Does it claim what it suppose to do?

Elianto's 1st Kiss Proof Lip Colour

Transfer Resistant
Long Lasting
Weightless, Ultra-thin Film
Vibrant Matte Finish
Intense Rich, Vivid Shades

Made in Italy 

Usage: Apply evenly to clean, dry lips.

USP: Elianto Brilliant Riche Lip Colour infuses lips with bright, intense colour, combining a lightweight yet long-lasting formula with moisturising ingredients.

Source : Elianto Website

I get the number #5 : Groovy with the price RM25.00.

It have a sort of round tip applicator. The colour is kinda purple red tone. I love that sort of colour. Haha.. Anyway even I really love the colour it really pigmented and really bright for me.  I think I get the wrong colour. I should get the sexy or any colour below #4. -sigh- I really have a problem getting the colour that I want @_@

Anyway, this product claims to be transfer resistance. Well it really transfer resistance. It dries too quickly that I have to apply and blend to my lips really quickly or otherwise it will dry and I get a really bright and pigmented lipsticks. Then to tone down the colour, I use tissue, wet tissue to remove some of the colour but this stuff is really resistance with water that all my effort is useless. So this stuff really claims what it suppose to do.  Even when drinking there are no more lipsticks stain!! 

So what I think about this lipsticks? Well it really do what it claims it to be. It transfer resistance and I need to apply it quickly. The only thing is the colour is too bright and again it is just probably my problem because getting the wrong colour. I'll buy another colour to see whether  I can use it on my everyday makeup. 

- really transfer resistance
-  highly pigmented
- do not leave stain on mug

- dries really quickly and need to blend out quickly

- yes. I need an everyday colour. 

p/s: to get the long lasting effect, wear it on the dry lips and without any lipgloss. It will stay much longer. ;)

Update : Last time I went to Elianto and get all the swatch colours. 

I definitely like #4 Sexy and mine #5 is actually really bright among other colours. 



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