Makeup Review : Surprise Essence Concealer (Etude House)

Next up is concealer. I bought it at Etude House with the price RM39.90. 

Features :

*Improved poke applicator tip
*Talc free, film polymer formula boosts adhesion and longevity
*Honey essence supplies rich, moist sensation
*Clean, long lasting makeup coverage of flaws and blemishes

Recommended for :
Light , moist adhesion ideal for dry skin and coverage around the eyes

Line up :
#1 Light Beige / #2 Natural Beige

Allure :

Liquid concealer formulated with essence to supply moist , spot coverage of facial flaws with a tip applicator

source: Etude House

The concealer that I got is #2 Natural Beige. From the illustration above it shows that the concealer can be used on the nose bridge as a highlighter. Tested it and it look kinda the same haha. The illustration should have English translation =.=;

The concealer have a strange round tip with flat thingie on the middle. Etude House claims that it suppose to be improved poke applicator tip.

The concealer have a thick texture. Picture above is before and after blended. After blended it have medium coverage. It cover my dark circle but it can tends to be cakey when I sweat a lot. It make my face look weird with the white cast under my eyes. It does sink into my fine line but it only visible at the end of the day when my makeup started to disappear. Overall, it is a good concealer. It does conceal my dark circle. 

- cover dark circle
- does't feel oily

- will sink into fine line

- Maybe not. There are a lot of concealer waiting for me to test them. :D



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