Makeup Review :Hair Cocktail (Liese)

I have a really frizzy and dry hair so I have test a lot of hair products in the market. So far I hate everything that I test. Too oily, too waxy haha =.=;

One day I found this hair cocktail. It says that it have bi-layer that will moisturize wit non-sticky and non-greasy formula. So does this hair cocktail does what it claims?

Liese Hair Cocktail Smooth is a Revolutionary bi-layered hair serum with nourishing water and anti-frizz oil that combines easily with a few shakes. This light serum is filled with peach leaf extract and prune essence which glides on smoothly and evenly on each strand of hair. Lightly scented with refreshing tropical fruity scent. Can be used on damp or dry hair.

Source : Kao

Available at SaSa, Watson, Guardian and the mall with the price around RM31.90. Pricey. I have to admit that this product is a bit pricey than the normal hair product that I  bought. It have 2 types one the normal one (suitable for very dry hair) and another one is the lite version (the green one). I bought the yellow one. For a really dry hair.

I already throw away the box so no box picture in this review. The picture above is the hair cocktail. It only have one size (120ml). Not too small and not too big, It take quite a space in my travelling bag. 

The first picture is the product when not in use. It have two layer. The bottom one is the oil part and the upper one is the water one. When shaken the product is kinda milky and didn't feel greasy and oily.

So what I think about the product. This product really does what it say. My hair doesn't feel dry and frizzy. I just love the fruity smell. When applied, this product doesn't make me feel putting some oil at my hair. Just nice haha. Overall, this is really a great product for my dry hair. I have been using this product more than 2 years already but lately I kinda feel after applied it feel kinda oily. I guess my hair not really dry as it used to be.  So next time I'm gonna try the lite version haha.

- have a fruity smell
- doesn't feel oily and sticky.
- does what it claim to do. doesn't make my hair dry

- expensive

- I have repurchase this product many times now and I'm not going to use the regular hair oil anymore. So yes, I'm gonna repurchase :D.



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