Makeup Review : IN2IT Gel Tint

My first lip tint. I buy it around Rm9.90 a that time but the last time I check the price is about RM7.00 . So cheap!! 

It have 4 shade.

GT01 : Peach
GT02: Strawberry
GT03:  Raspberry
GT04:  Melon

I bought Strawberry and Raspberry. Available at Watson, Guardians and SaSa.

It have a flat applicator for easy application. Well I like the colour and the smell is kinda fruity smell.

This is the swatch. The bottom one is the strawberry one and the upper one is the raspberry one. Strawberry have a pink tone and raspberry have a red pink tone. It have a watery gel texture. 

This gel tint last really long when I use it alone. It really pigmented and after it dries out it really last long. Almost 8 hours. Well at the end of the day, the gel tint almost disappear but it does last long and pigmented. The most important thing no mug stain haha. It have sort of natural red after effect depends on how many you applied the gel tint. 

So anyway, I didn't use it as blusher as I hate something sticky on my face. As a lip tint it really does it job xD

- it last a long time
- great natural colour

- maybe the container should be see through because I don't know how much I have left with the current container.


Gel Lip Tint Review - click here
Swatch Gel Lip Tint - click here



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