Makeup Review : Organic Cucumber Make Up Cleansing Tissue (Elianto)

I love makeup remover wipes. Makeup remover wipes is one of the thing that I quickly reach for in the lazy days. Well most of the times when I have tired day and just want to sleep, I often forget to remove makeup or even wash my face. So in those days when I'm too lazy too remove makeup I just reach my makeup remover wipes. Remove my makeup and go to sleep. 

Anyway, I got this makeup cleansing tissue for free of charge when buying stuff at Elianto. I love going to Elianto as I got many free stuffs. This makeup cleansing tissue is the organic cucumber in 10 pieces inside. Elianto websites show that it have cucumber and aloe vera version.  

Organic Cucumber Make Up Cleansing Tissue

USP : Gently cleanse your face, neck and eye area with your eyes closed.- Be sure to close the packaging lid to maintain freshness.- Keep product away from direct sunlight and heat.- Reseal the cover after each use.

Usage : elianto Organic Cucumber Make-up Cleansing Tissue is infused with cooling cucumber extract and organic botanicals to clean and refresh your skin at the same time. The soft, textured wipes are designed to gently and effectively remove impurities and make-up, including waterproof mascara, leaving your skin clean, soft and smooth.

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The normal price for this one (10 wet tissues inside) is RM7.00 and 30 pieces is Rm12.00. For 10 pieces it is cheap as I can always use it when travelling haha xD.

This is what the tissue looks like. It have a pattern and it have a wet feeling but less wet compare to Biore's makeup remover wipes.

So this is what I'm gonna test on. The lipgloss from Etude House, Brilliant Riche Lip Colour from Elianto, Lip Tint from In2It, white eyeliner from Maybelline, concealer from Etude House and mascara from Elianto.

From the first swipe (first picture), all lipgloss, lip tint, and concealer are almost wiped out. The mascara and Elianto's brilliant riche lip colour (it really does transfer resistance!!) are still there. The full swipe (the third picture) .. Mascara and everything else have swiped off. There are red shade at where the lip tint and brilliant riche lip colour are suppose to be . I think because of the lip gloss stickiness, make the colour hard to remove. Well I feel sticky at the red shade. After wipes continuously, the red shade finally have been swipe off and there are no sticky feeling. 

So what I think about this product? It really cheap and handy to carry when travelling. It remove all stubborn mascara and lip tint. Elianto's brilliant riche lip colour is really hard to remove!! Haha anyway, It doesn't sting my eyes and that is the important thing as I always use this stubborn waterproof and smudgeproof eyeliner and mascara. I even use this tissue to clean my brush haha. It take some time but it really remove all the stubborn makeup. It is a bit dry compare to what I regularly use but I don't really mind because of the price. Oh ya this tissue have cucumber smell, kinda weird when using it the first time haha. :D

- cheap
- remove all stubborn makeup
- have cucumber smell.
- doesn't sting my eyes

- a bit dry (compare to what I regularly use)

- Definitely. 
I always bring this one when travelling. Simple and easy to remove my makeup.



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