Makeup Review : Gentle and Moist Cleansing Lotion (Pixy)

Heard about Pixy product before? Well I heard about this product from my niece. The compact powder seems like a trends for the students in high school. Basically this product is from Indonesia. 

The other day I went to mall and this SA give me a free sample for me to test on. I just love free sample haha. She say that this makeup remover is water based and does not need rinsing. So I'm excited to test it on haha xD.

It have 2 product that is Cleansing Lotion and Single Step Liquid Form. The second one is more like a facial wash. It have 2 size that is 50 ml = RM 7.90 and 100 ml = RM 13.90. Ok way cheaper than my regular makeup remover. It is available at local mall and pharmacies (Malaysia). 

I'm gonna review the cleansing lotion one. 

So this is my test. The first picture is what I'm gonna test it on. Lipstick from Revlon, Elianto's hard to remove Brilliant Riche Lip Colour, Lip Tint, Lip Gloss Eyeliner, Concealer and Mascara. The product is a clear solution (Second picture. It a bit blur). At the first swipe, it remove the concealer and lip gloss (Product that is easy to remove). A full swipe, it remove everything beautifully. It doesn't leave a weird smell and feeling. Some makeup remover have a tendency to leave a sticky or weird residue after using. This product just leave a fresh and clean surface haha.

This is the pamphlet that I got. It says that it got real honey, alcohol free and no oily formula. 

What I think about this stuff? Well I always have to use makeup remover wipes to remove my eyes makeup especially the lower lids that seems like really hard to remove. I hate using the eyes and lips makeup remover because it is oily and I hate putting something oily to my face. So usually I use makeup remover wipes to remove the eyes makeup and it kinda expensive. So I tried this stuff to remove my eyes makeup and yay I love it. It remove my eyes makeup easily and didn't sting. It doesn't leave an oily residue and doesn't need rinsing. It save time and money haha.

For travelling.. It have a small size that doesn't take much space and can be use easily without water. I always bring this makeup remover in my travelling bag ;)

- cheap
- no need to rinse
- have a travel size
- doesn't sting my eyes
- doesn't leave any oily and weird residue (I feel fresh!!)
- non-alcohol

- none

I'm gonna buy the full size one and the single step liquid foam.



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