Makeup Review : Pore Strip (Biore)

I got this pore strip free of charge when buying Biore's cleanser. It say that it can unclog pores and remove blackheads. It says at the sticker to use weekly. (1st picture).

Biore Pore Pack Black sheet removes clogs more effectively and visibly. Contains specially formulated oil absorbing powder. Additional slits on the strips for a better fit.

Source : Kao

The price is about Rm12+-. (About 10 pieces inside) I don't remember as I rarely buy this stuff. Available at Watson, Guardian and local mall.

Each strip is inside an individual foil packet. The foil packet have a lot of instruction. Need to wet the nose first before use. Take it off after 10-15 minutes. 

This is the pore strip. I thought that I get the black one version? I expected black pore strips but I ended up getting the white one. Whatever haha.

Anyway. First time use. It really painful to take it off. Ahh each time getting it out I cried T__T. After looking at before and after picture, it does take out some of the blackhead but most of them are still there. Argh annoying. >.<

The second time use, it didn't pick up any blackhead and my nose have a lot of blackhead >.<. After have endure the process, my nose started to secrete oil. Maybe the process make my nose too dry. =.=;

Anyway, my review on this one? It just ok product. It remove the blackhead that really near to surface and all that blackhead that deep inside pore remains untouched. Even when I scrub before use the pore strips, it just the same.

- remove some of the blackhead
- cheap

- doesn't remove all the blackheads.
- make my nose oily again

- I'm gonna say no but then sometimes when I want to remove my blackhead I ended up buying it again even it doesn't really work. So maybe yes, I'm gonna repurchase.



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