Makeup Review : Dr. G Brightening Balm (Dr. G)

I just love BB Cream. My first makeup is foundation and I just hate it because it tends to make my face with a white cast and cakey @_@

So when BB Cream become a rave I started to look for the perfect one. Dr G BB Cream is the third one that I have tested. I use it more than one year and this tube 45ml really last a long time haha. 

The Dr. Gowoonsesang Brightening BB Cream with SPF 30/PA++ cream is a multi functional solution, serving as a whitening essence, make up base and foundation in one. It controls excess sebum levels and creates a light weight finish, perfect for greasy and combination skin types. The skin is protected from the suns damaging UV rays and other harmful environmental pollutants. It soothes and moisturises skin through selected botanical ingredients. The finish is matte and natural looking, achieving a sheer airbrushed finish, avoiding a cakey unflattering look. Apply after daily skin care routine, use two layers if needed for additional coverage. 

Source : bbcreamshop

This BB Cream is sort of medicated BB Cream that have whitening effect. I bought it at SaSa with the price RM69.00. A bit pricey but then again, it sort of standard price for BB Cream. So does it do what it claim to do?

It have a bit of thick texture. Well more thicker than what I have used before. The second picture is when blended. You can see some white spot at the area with BB Cream. When I applied at my face, it blended well and cover the red spot and dark spot. Well not good enough to cover the under eye bags. You need concealer for that! It have a medium coverage. 

After applied, it make my face feel fresh with no oily and sticky feeling. It make my face sort of glow. Before applied I have this dull skin complexion and after applied it just even the skin tone. I always set the BB Cream with powder but you can always wear it alone. It have 4 -5 hours oil control. Always need to blot at midday. However what I do like about this BB Cream, even when I'm sweating, my face makeup stay on and at the end of the day, it just look the same as when I applied in the morning. (Aside from those oily nose and forehead :P )

Overall, this is by far the best BB Cream that I have tested. For the price it really worth it. For the whitening effect, someone complimented me that my face look very clean (no bump or zits) and look different. (I don't wear any makeup at that time). So it really does have whitening effect :D

- no oily and sticky feeling
- make my face glow haha
- even skin tone
- sweat resistance
- stay on even at the end of day

- only one shade. BB Cream always have one shade right? 

- Yes yes. Even when I'm testing other BB Cream, I always make sure this BB Cream in stock for a rainy day haha xD



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