Makeup Review : Lock'N Summer Cushion Blusher (Etude House)

Finally the Etude House Lock'N Summer have arrive at Malaysia. It really interesting to see cushion blusher and eyeliner. However because of the eyeliner have been receiving a lot of complaint (it dry too fast), the eyeliner have been called back. Anyway, I finally get my hands on the cushion blusher. I didn't own any cushion product yet (it so expensive T__T) so this gonna be a fun experience. 

Korean Etude House Lock N Summer Cushion Blusher 5g Beauty MakeUp Description

This is a cushion blusher that gives cheeks a nafural flush with its clear, bright color.

Color Fit! Light Stick! Long Fix!

Soft colors are so clear and thin puff at a time into the knock-looking skin produce more natural color.

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This cushion blusher have 2 colour that are PK001 Hey Yo! Pink and OR201 LET'S GO! Coral. Available at Etude House with the price RM 59.90. Right now it available at discounted price RM39.90 for this month only. (October, 2014). 

I get myself the #OR201 LET'S GO! Coral. It have an interesting and simple box. The blusher is in the screw type lid with a separator between the air puff and the cushion. I wish it is an open type lid with a mirror. It will look cute that way. It kinda hassle to open the separator and put it somewhere that I may lost it. (I always lost something)

The colour OR201 is peach colour and PK001 is pink colour. The first picture above is when I dip my finger at the cushion. It have a cooling sensation LOL. The second picture is the air puff. It is so cute and small, only one finger fit at the air puff. 

Everything about the cushion blusher is amazing and fun. Applying it at my cheek is so fun. This is my first time using liquid blusher, so it kinda wet and cold haha. However one thing that really bother me. The pigmentation is too sheer. Refer 3rd picture, even when I swatch using my finger the colour just barely there. When I use the air puff, the pigmentation is too sheer. If I'm not the one who putting it there, I will not notice there are some blusher there. The picture above is when I apply it 2-3 times and it still unnoticeable. Well it nice to have some natural shade or no-makeup effect but the reason why I wear blusher is I want there are some hint of colour at my cheeks. 

I don't know if PK001 will have more pigmentation than OR201. I'm conflicted whether to buy the pink one or not. It kinda pricey to buy something that I don't know will work or not. This is cushion technology so I think it gonne dried out before I have a chance to finish up. 

- fun when applying the blusher
- nice air puff

- kinda pricey
- too sheer and doesn't show at my cheeks. 

- Maybe not. I'm going to wait until it have a more pigmented blush. 



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