Makeup Review : Miracle Multiplex BB Cream (Elianto)

I always wanted to try Elianto's BB Cream and when it got sale I just bought it. 

elianto Miracle BB Cream functions as a make up base, foundation, moisturiser and sun protection. Enriched with lavendarextracts, it effectively controls sebum production, while maintaining your skin moisture level. It gives natural coverage and also protects against harmful rays from the sun.

USP : SPF25 / PA+, Oil Control, Moisturising, Brightening

Usage : after daily skin care routine, gently apply on face before applying make up.

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I think it have 3 shade and I got it the 2nd one. Normal price RM49.00. I got it with discounted price RM10.00. See it such a bargain and for testing purposes it worth it haha :D.

When I got it, it was seal nicely. When opened the seal I notice the opening hole is kinda big. Well I'm right, each time I open the caps, it will be messy and too much wastage. 

The texture is kinda light than normal BB Cream that I have used before. Light in terms of it more runnier than normal one that more thicker. The coverage is light to medium. I already get used to Dr. G BB Cream that have more coverage and this one just light. It even the skin tone and cover redness but not eyebags. It have a kinda dewy finish. I have to set with powder. 

It doesn't cake and the oil control is average. 4 hours something. Need to blot in midday. Some review does say it cake but for me just ok.

Overall, everything is ok in terms oil control and everything. The are something that really bother me. The smell is really annoys me. Kinda herbal smell and it have a strong smell. The next thing is what make me think of wanting to use it again or not. I have use almost a week until I notice something. It broke me out. Well at least I only bought it for RM10.00.

- average oil control
- even skin tone and cover redness

- annoying smell
- too runny
- light to medium coverage
- broke me out

- No. I don't even know when I'm gonna finish this tube.



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