Makeup Review : Perfect Fit Two-Way Foundation (Za)

My favourite two-way foundation. This is my second brand as my first brand Fasio have been discontinued at Malaysia. Pity because it have water and swear resistance. I love it. :(

Anyway, Za is another great replacement. It pricey but I always ensure it always there for me. 

I have 2 casing. One is the limited edition and the other one belong to my mum. 

SPF20 PA++ (Case and refill are sold separately)

Micro-fine Powder fits perfectly with skin, smoothens pores and brings you amazingly poreless yet natural finish. Skin looks tender and supple with skincare ingredients, collagen and hyaluronic acid.

Source : za-cosmetics

Price is around RM35+-. I forgot but it around that range and when it have sale it can go around RM25+-. Available at Watson, Guardian and local mall. It have many range tone and mine is OC00.

Above picture is my step to put the new powder foundation. It so dirty LOL. Usually I take out the pan by using the pen. Stick it at the hole below and then I wash the case so it will look pretty again. xD

Put the new pan inside the case by peeling off the sticker at the back of the pan. Tada!! My powder foundation look good!! (p/s: I change the case because I broke the clasp. :P) 

The refill provide a sponge so just toss out the old and use the new one. The provided sponge is soft and it glide smoothly. I just love it!! :3

When applied with dry sponge it look matte. When applied wet sponge it provide more coverage. I always use with wet sponge. 

The coverage is great, doesn't cover the eyebags though. But when my makeup disappear at the evening and when I reapply the powder foundation, it really make my face look fresh haha. However sometimes it will cakes when put too much. I ended up having a white face at my graduation :P.

Anyway, oil-control. I need to blot at midday and at the evening the makeup will gone maybe because of sweat and oily face.

Other than that, I just love the coverage and the finish result. 

- a great coverage
- decent oil control
- can be use wet and dry

- at the evening it will disappear due to sweat and oil. 

- Yes. I lost count how many refill I bought. :D



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