Makeup Review : Facial Foam Pore & Oil Clear (Biore)

This is my favourite cleanser. Even when I'm using other cleanser I always back to this cleanser. 

Unclogs pores & removes oil. It contains Crushable Beads that unclogs and deeply cleanses pores to remove accumulated impurities and excess oil. It is formulated with Witch Hazel that helps tighten pores, making them less visible to reveal smoother, brighter & oil-free skin. For oily skin.

Source : Kao

It have 4 types normal to combination, dry and dehydrated, blemish prone and all skin type. I got the pink one all skin types. It have a crushable beads and I just love everyday scrub. xD

It have 2 sizes, the small one about Rm6++ and bigger one RM10++. 

Actually I want to take picture of the microbeads but my camera just decided it doesn't want to focus. @_@. I can sense the microbeads when using it but its not that harsh to my skin. 

So what I like about this cleanser is it making my face oil free of oil and dirt. Feel my face tightens but the pores still the same size LOL. The blackheads and whiteheads are still there. I didn't really expect it to works as it kinda cheap and affordable. 

So overall, this is my to go cleanser as it remove the oil at my face. My face just feel refresh xD

- cheap
- remove oil and dirt
- make me feel refresh
- everyday scrub

- my pores still the same. (Maybe my pores too big o.O )

Yes!! It is my to go cleanser 



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