Makeup Review : Liese Smooth Hair Cocktail (Liese)

Yay another Liese product review. I decided to get this as my hair always frizzy and tangled every morning. 

Liese Smooth Hair Cocktail is a two layer treatment mist perfect for tangled hair. It smoothens hair and makes it easy to comb. The mist also contains protective ingredient to prevent hair from attrition and static. Its fruity scent makes every application refreshing. Shake well before use.


Source: Kao

The price is around Rm31.90. Pricey!! Available at SaSa, Watson, Guardian and local mall. So does it do what it claims to do?

So this product is a bi-layer so I need to shake it first before use. It have a berry sweet smell. I love it haha. I just love it as it really untangle my hair and make my hair easily to comb without pulling my hair. 

Overall, this smooth hair cocktail is really untangle and smoothens my hair. I really love the result. XD

- make my hair smooth
- untangle my hair easily
- sweet and nice berry smell

- expensive

- yes yes Yes. Even it is expensive, I just love it haha.



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