Makeup Review : Makeup Removing Facial Foam (Biore)

I bought this one the other day. Well I finish this up quickly because I use it as cleanser and makeup remover. It only have one size. The small one is the sample that I got recently. 

This convenient facial cleanser does not leave traces of makeup that clogs pores and causes skin breakouts like normal cleansers do. BiorĂ©’s 2-in-1 facial foam is enhanced with Japan’s breakthrough technology which cleanses and removes foundation, lipstick, eyeliner, eye shadow, blusher, BB Cream and non-waterproof mascara in just ONE wash! This gentle solution also contains Royal Jelly and Hyaluronic Acid to keep skin moisturised after use.


Source: Kao

Available at all local mall and pharmacies. The price is around RM14.90 and for me it kinda pricey for cleanser and cheaper than makeup remover. I ended up using it as cleanser even when I'm not using any makeup so it finish up quickly and pricey hahaha xD.

This time I tested on at eyeshadow, blusher, sunblock, lip tint, lipstick, bb cream, concealer, gel liner, liquid liner, pencil liner, mascara. I tested everything that this product claim can remove haha. Well it claim to remove non-waterproof mascara but I don't have any non-waterproof haha. 

Well I love this product because it really easy to use and easy to make a lot of foam with less effort haha. The last picture is what happen when I wash it with the foam and rinse it. It remove everything aside waterproof mascara, lip tint, elianto's brilliant riche lip colour and gel liner. So it really do what it claim aside a very stubborn eye and lips makeup, Sometimes I just use it to remove my mascara, it will stings A LOT if the product entered your eye but at least it remove almost all the mascara. I don't need to use a lot of effort to remove the excess afterwards.

The reason why I love use it as cleanser because it remove the stickiness and oil at my face. Leave my face refresh and the smell is nice.  

Overall, I just love this product and this is the product I'm gonna bring when travel as I don't need a separate cleanser and makeup remover. 

- Remove all non-stubborn makeup
- cheap for makeup remover
- easy to use
- remove oil and make my face feels refresh
- handy when travelling as I don't need to bring a separate cleanser and makeup remover

-sting A LOT if the product enter your eyes
- wish there are more smaller size for travelling

- YES!!



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